The Sixers Will Reportedly Unveil Re-Designed Logos Tomorrow Morning


According to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, who is the guy to know these things, the Sixers will unveil re-designed logos tomorrow morning. We already knew the Sixers were planning to unveil new uniforms sometime before the draft, but this new logo thing is a little bit out of nowhere. It’s likely it’ll just be a re-tooling instead of a complete rebranding, but we’ll know for sure tomorrow.


8 Responses

  1. I heard they will have iron on lettering to help keep up with the pace Hinkie swaps players at.

  2. How boring is this deflate gate talk??? Can’t listen to sports radio

    1. Buy satellite radio…problem fixed. Haven’t listed to local radio in over 5 years. You’re not missing out on anything except mindless drones regurgitating the same old shticks over and over and over and over….and over.

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