These “Fans” Can’t Identify the Newest Eagles, Can You?

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Of course you can. This ESPN bit is dumb, because those people aren’t even fans. I get that it’s a funny little video, and Byron Maxwell’s face doesn’t necessarily jump out at you, but how do you not know what Tim Tebow looks like? Everyone knows what Tim Tebow looks like. Or DeMarco Murray. Or this goofy dude. It’s not even a real challenge.

You want a challenge? Don’t cheat, and tell me who this guy is:

Photo Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Answer and the video after the jump.

It’s former Oregon Duck and current Eagle JEFF MAEHL. But you probably knew that. Here’s his team picture where his hair looks fake. That’s your prize.

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14 Responses

  1. went to a tourist trap looking for eagles fans then expecting them to know the players

  2. I wouldn’t recognize 99% of the Eagles from any season in their street clothes. They wear helmets and facemasks all of the time.

  3. Other than Bradford and Tebow, I don’t recognize them either.

    They have yet to play a game for the Eagles. They haven’t done any commercials. They have not done any promotional events. Why would people recognize who the new players are?

    Heck. The only people on the team I might recognize are the goofy looking guys with gimmick hair- Kelce, Barwin and Cooper.

  4. I was at the Ugly Moose last week where Sean Brace was hanging with a few of his boys. Even though he come off as a fool, he is not that bad of a dude. In any case, Josh Innes walks in and Brace went over to say hello. Innes acted like a jerk and big times him saying, “I don’t associate with Missanielli’s Minions. Brace was trying to be cool, but, Innes kept on acting like a jerk. Brace eventually went about his business, but, it was quite a scene. Innes had a few beers and as he walked out he yelled to Brace “Tell Fat Cuz I will own him when I take over for Angelo”.

    1. Oh I see Sean Brace acts like a tough guy and challenges 60yr old wip guy Rob Charry to a fight but when he sees 6’3″ 300lb Josh Innes,he leaves his boys to dickride in hopes of landing a job at 94wip.In my opinion Josh did the right thing,and here comes the 97.5 fanatic fanboys to defend their hero Brace in 3…2….1….

  5. I’m tired of trying to tell you guys the honest truth. Chip Kelly want’s the most handsome team in the NFL. His QB’s all drafted by appearance. There is no doubt they have the best QB team in the NFL if judged by 17 – 45 year old American women. Riley Cooper? C’mon now He’s Fabio but faster, even if not by that much. His looks, and most likely puppy dog eyes saved his butt from being cut.

    1. I’m not surprised. Josh has always had a fantasy about eating an equine.

      “Equine” is banned on this site!

  6. Funny thing is the Innes Reeha things does have some truth behind it. She is pretty much the only person that talks to him and always seems to be alone with him. Most people say that there is truth to him taking over for Angelo, so they are trying to build chemistry. But, anyone who knows her, she is a c0ck chaser, especially if you have wife or girlfriend.

    Interesting to see how this plays out.

  7. Sidenote: I saw Chase Utley leaving Fette Sau in Fishtown last night. He’s still cool.

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