Video: Lenny Dykstra and Mitch Williams Yelling at Each Other at the Philly Sports Roast

We wanted to let the anticipation build, you know? So here now, something on the roast, which got lost in the shuffle of Mariota week last week.

Nice to see Mitch still does that petulant, know-it-all fat lady head wag thing when he’s worked up. Also, nice to see Dykstra is still showing the effects of prolonged drug use.

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50 Responses

    1. yea he sucks….along with murray from mayfair, marlin from west philly, gus, charles from the northeast, etc…

      1. Don’t forget about those other losers who call everyday like Chris from Williamstown,Steve from Glenside,Arthur Correct,Aj from West Philly,Spanky and that ignorant deadbeat Jeff from Camden.

  1. Whats that you say, youtube of the roast?

    The only way to truly enjoy a roast… is to hold one of our delicious roast pork sandwiches in your hand!

    Want more roast? We got it!

  2. This looks like it was exactly as stupid and uncomfortable as I expected it would be. I worked for the company who promoted it and dear god did they have a hard time selling tickets. I wonder why.

  3. Why is Kyle wasting out time with these shit articles about a contrived roast?

  4. Who is the twat on the 97.5 morning show? She better be hot as he’ll cause she is dumb as a stump

      1. She looks exactly like she sounds. Like an awkward, plain, unpopular member of a junior high’s AV/Club…..and she has hideous bangs.

        1. Hey guys, here is what is trending now…

          Apparently I’m really bad at writing and ready copy.

          And that’s what’s trending.

    1. She is clearly becoming the new Sean Brace. Just as soon as they get rid of one brain dead moron with the diction of a 13 year old, they bring this one in. Get it together Fanatic.

  5. there’s more anticipation for my root canal than this waste of time and money.

    a roast of mitch & lenny? what was nobody else available that day?

    should have a roast for jay wright, he will probably choke on it.

  6. This is awful. More like a group therapy session or a failed intervention than a roast. Who’s idea was this travesty?

  7. Any pics of Johnny Bolaris & Susie Celek all over each other ??? I was at that drug fest roast & no doubt them 2 hooked up

    1. Next up bullying Kyle into giving an honest review of his buddy’s(Anthony Gargano) new morning show on 97.5 the fanatic.

      1. Not sure about Marks or Gargano, but the stand out on the show is something called “MCW”. She is comically bad at her job. She does these news reads and stutters and stumbles through them.Plus the tone of her voice is a disaster as well.

    2. For real. Kyle is such a pussy to give in to all of the ball breaking. Be a man, Kyle and stand your ground!

  8. Honest question, why is Susie Celek all over Philly Sports events like this? Didn’t she get divorced from Brent Celek years ago? I see her on all these stupid shows and don’t really get the point.

    1. She sucks. Heard from my buddy at can that she used to fuck Rick Tocchet. At least the magic man’s big tity ex wife got rid of dorenbos.

  9. Two unfunny people drunkenly yelling at each other. I’m surprised this hasn’t turned up on Deadspin and given people more ammunition for shit talking this city.

  10. And tis, this is what is trending, white, right now.. Lenny Dykstaww, Dykstraw yelled at Fitch,Mitch Williams at the rrr, roast….

  11. Rather hear Lenny half mumble bullshit. Then Marks and Gargano.The Upper Moreland pussy. and the fake philly soprano.

  12. I remember seeing Mitch on car dealership commercials and post game shows. I couldn’t help but feel like punching him in his throat.

  13. Wow this is more painfully embarrassing than i had anticipated. And how come it’s Al Morganti that looks like a fall down drunk drug addict and not Dykstra. This looks like an AA meeting at 4th and tasker only with an audience

  14. Glad to see the commenters are back on their “A” game. Pollen Count was priceless….well done man.

  15. Why is Dykstra not in jail still? Disgusting that white collar crime doesn’t seem to matter in this world. He served what 6 months of his sentence? It was also hardly an appropriate sentence. Hopefully Dykstra gets what he has coming to him by people who want their money back.

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