UPDATE: Wells Report Says Tom Brady was “Aware” of Deflated Balls, “Probable” Pats Staff Broke Rules

deflate brady

The report from investigator Ted Wells on “deflate gate” is in to the NFL. The full Wells Report is 243 pages long — you can check it all out here — including a whole section on autographs and gifts given from Brady to the man who self-identified as the ball deflater. According to the section “Conclusions Regarding the Game Balls Used by the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game,” it’s likely this whole thing wasn’t a mistake:

Based on the evidence developed in connection with the investigation and summarized in this Report, we have concluded that it is more probable than not that New England Patriots personnel participated in violations of the NFL Playing Rules and were involved in a deliberate attempt to circumvent those rules. In particular, we conclude that it is more probable than not that Jim McNally and John Jastremski participated in a deliberate plan to circumvent the rules by releasing air from Patriots game balls after the examination of the footballs by NFL game officials at the AFC Championship Game.

We believe that McNally and Jastremski were aware that the inflation level of the Patriots game balls following pre-game inspection by the game officials would be approximately 12.5 psi and planned for McNally to deflate the balls below that level following the pre-game inspection using a needle provided by Jastremski. Based on the evidence, we also have concluded that it is more probable than not that Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of McNally and Jastremski involving the release of air from Patriots game balls.

We do not believe that the evidence establishes that any other Patriots personnel participated in or had knowledge of the violation of the Playing Rules or the deliberate effort to circumvent the rules described above. In particular, we do not believe there was any wrongdoing or knowledge of wrongdoing by Patriots ownership, Head Coach Belichick or any other Patriots coach in the matters investigated.

We’ll have more in this post as more is reported.

UPDATE: Looks like Tom Brady having a bad game changed the way these dudes handled his balls.
brady sabotage

And according to the report the balls were checked at halftime of the Colts/Patriots game and all 11 of the Patriots balls were under-inflated.

UPDATE 2: Discipline could be handed down:


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  1. Bullshit. Brady is the GOAT. Only 1 of the balls was deflated below 12.

    1. No, only one ball was regulation. ALL of the rest were deflated. I’m sure the one used to kick would have been the good one.

  2. Our coach is a racist. We gots bigger fishes to fry. Cat fish I hopes.

  3. Those cheating ass Patriots suck. FINE them, personally, and the organization, but fine them big. Make it hurt.

  4. So, Cleveland and Atlanta get dinged for texting messages during games….the Patriots who have a history of cheating doctored the balls during a Championship game and I guarantee you nothing happens to them.

  5. Leave Tom Terrific alone and let him go back to riding Gisele’s wang, will ya PLEEZE!!!?!

      1. Because Tom likes taking it up his backside from Gisele’s strap-on.

  6. The sad thing is most NFL don’t care, and this story will be forgotten just like Spygate. As much as I love the NFL, you have so many idiot fantasy football fans and degenerate gamblers, they never hold the sport accountable.

    Whatever you want to say about Baseball, the fans always call out the sport when something is wrong and it is fixed afterwards. They cancelled the World Series in 1994, and fans didn’t show up the next year so there has been labor peace ever since. McGwire, Bonds, Sosa all ruined the Homerun record because they were juicing and the fans shunned those players, so Baseball has one of the better drug testing programs in sports.

    Most NFL fans are worried about who their going to draft for their fantasy team, or their weekly pools to gamble on. The Patriots got caught cheating with Spygate, and got caught again with Deflategate, and a record 100+ million people watched the Superbowl. The players could give the middle finger to the fans right on the field before the game, and as long as they get them enough fantasy points, no one will bat an eye.

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  8. I hate the Patriots and Tom Brady but honestly I dont think some underinflated balls are the difference between 4 rings and none. The video taping was the far worse crime and those are the rings that should be taken away.

    1. deliberately cheating is still deliberately cheating. IF you steal a 30,000 car and get caught, you are getting the same sentence as someone who steals a $400,000 car.

      Just because he was dumb enough to cheat even though he clearly didn’t need the advantage is his own fucking problem. Should still get suspended and the team should get a cap hit.

      They were doing it since week 3.

      If not for cheating, they should get punished just because they thought it was a good idea to hire beavis and butthead as equipment managers.

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  13. Brady will be suspended from the 2nd half of ALL pre-season games. It will then be reduced to one.

  14. I’m so disappointed. I thought the title said “The Roast Report”.

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