Who Will Be the Phillies’ All-Star?

Photo Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies are tied for the worst record in baseball. They have the second worst team batting average in the National League. They have the worst slugging percentage and OPS in the NL. They have the fourth worst ERA in the NL. And someone has to be an All-Star. There’s been no problem in recent years. Before Chase Utley was the Phillies’ sole representative last season, they hadn’t had a solo rep since Randy Wolf in 2003. They averaged three per year from 2004 to 2014. There are no obvious candidates. It has to be somebody though. So, who?

Chase Utley

Hahahahaha. No. But now I’m crying.

Cole Hamels

He’s in the top ten in strikeouts and strikeouts per nine, but his ERA is 3.53, he’s only 3-3, has given up eight home runs, and has been discussed more as a trade target than an ace this year. He’s got name recognition, but in many categories he’s bested by …

Aaron Harang

Harang has the best WAR among all pitchers in the NL, the fifth-best ERA, and generally has that “played better than expected” air about him. If you’re dropping all name recognition from the pitcher spots — which you’re supposed to — Harang definitely bests Hamels here. But they aren’t the only pitchers on the radar …

Jonathan Papelbon

Paps, though disliked, just set the Phillies’ save record. But this year, Papelbon is tied for only sixth in the league in saves — not that he’s had a ton of chances — and most of his numbers are bested by Jeurys Familia, Trevor Rosenthal and Drew Storen. So he’s unlikely to be on-hand in Cincinnati. Who does that leave?

Freddy Galvis

Freddy. Galvis. Before last season (or even this one) most fans had already given up on the young infielder, mostly because of his hitting. But this season Galvis is third in the NL in batting average (.336 .353), eighth overall in hits, has a .403 OBP and an .815 OPS– both team bests, but his OPS is barely top-30 in the league. He also strikes out infrequently.

All in all, this year is bad, bad, bad. But someone has to be an All-Star, and it’ll probably end up being Freddy Galvis. So go back in time and put money on that. You’ll win big.


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  1. I was robbed. Me and Tito were talking about the good old days. My time in the sun should have been NOW. I could have been the Phillies All Star for 2015.

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