I am only interested if it cries real tears.

The biggest star of this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament was not Jahlil Okafor or Karl Anthony-Towns or even the amazing Ron Hunter. And it certainly wasn’t anyone on Villanova. No. It was Roxanne Chalifoux, better known as Villanova’s crying piccolo girl.

For a girl who just showed the same emotion ‘Nova fans all over were feeling — or at least those at Kyle’s house — Roxanne became an instant internet celeb. She was meme’d and gif’d and played with the Roots on Jimmy Fallon. Her fifteen minutes came and went, but you can now immortalize Roxanne in bobblehead form over on Kickstarter.

Started by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame — which is a thing, apparently — the fundraising campaign allows you to get a mini Roxanne for yourself for as little as $15, as long as the goal is met. The goal of $5,000 still has a long way to go (but also a long time to get there) and Kyle’s surely pending order of 100 isn’t gonna get it all the way there.

Kyle: Spent 10 minutes fending off a borderline harassing capital campaign call from Villanova last night (not opposed to giving, but I’m still paying for college… so maybe let’s hold off on the solicitations?), but this… this is something I can get behind.*

*Not really. Feel like wife is still passive aggressively holding that Tollefson jersey against me. Buying a $15 figurine of a college girl might be held over my head for years. “Can I get this purse? IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU SAY BECAUSE THAT DUMB PLASTIC BOBBLEBITCH IS STILL SITTING NEXT TO OUR TV!”