10 Philly Athletes Most Likely to Put Out an Album… Thanks, Brett Myers


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The following is a list of current and former Philadelphia athletes most likely to follow in Brett Myers’ footsteps and put out a shitty album:

10. Riley Cooper

Too easy. Pretty sure Myers bought the rights to “kegerator” from Cooper immediately after the Chesney concert. “Can’t take my bike royalties though, bitch!”

9. Curt Schilling

Anti government subliminal message, ultra conservative, contemporary Christian rock. Claims bankruptcy before paying studio fees.

8. Jeff Carter & Mike Richards

Album Title: Sea Isle Days. First single: “Prom after party!”

7. Andrew Bynum feat. Chris Webber

“Money for free!” Billy King & Ed Stefanski executive produce for 20 million a year, guaranteed.

6. Allen Iverson

Money problems? There has to be a 40 bars remix or something laying around. I actually liked 40 bars. 2001’s hip-hop spoiled the shit out of all of us. Now sit back and listen to this kid from Degrassi.

5. Ilya Bryzgalov

Hums the score to the Hunt for Red October & Sum of All Fears.

4. Swaggy P

If you would have asked me 2 years ago which jitbag athlete would marry Iggy Azalea, well yeah…

3. Jaccpot

This is probably already happening/happened/being featured on MMQB–“so much pain in his voice, did I mention this shitty beer I had  in the lobby of the holiday inn in Southie last week???”

2. Mitch Williams

He’s running out of options at this point, poor guy. Actually fuck him! 9 year old me is still watching his 83 mph fastball getting facefucked over the left field wall at the SkyDome

1. Tim Tebow

A two hour book on tape on why you shouldn’t pull out. I still believe this guy is like a million Josh Hamiltons just waiting to explode all over our wives and sisters.

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  1. Andrews. MANdrews. Seventy threeeeee, seventy threeeee…get my Michael Phelps onnnnn, my Michael Phelps onnnnnnn…get my Michael Phelps onnnnn, my Michael Phelps onnnnnn…

      1. Not sure if Andrews constitutes a “Philly athlete” anymore, but the list just reminded be of the debacle that was his brief rap career and the hilarity that ensued on YouTube.

        Solid list.

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