Aramark Is Selling Papal Shit

Voila_Capture 2015-06-01_03-13-18_PM

Photo by Fran Hilario, who has a whole gallery here

Hey, Aramark doesn’t just screw up your favorite foodstuffs at sporting events… they’re also going to be selling papal gear when the Pope comes to Philly in September. Here’s the story from WHYY, which is in no way satire:

If you are seeking a plush mini pope, or a cardboard cutout of Pope Francis or a signature T-shirt, you will find plenty of wares at the World Meeting of Families website.

Eric Foss of Aramark, the company handling the marketing of the event, said the company is offering items of many differing prices.

“Anybody who wants to engage, to have a commemorative item from this event will be able to,” Foss said.

#engage #pope #WTF

Side note: Is it just me or does Plush Pope look a little like Plush Chase?

Voila_Capture 2015-06-01_03-17-25_PM

Maybe a little divine intervention will help that batting average.

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14 Responses

    1. Good attempt, but you blew it.

      Better line:

      Show me on the pope doll where the priest touched you.

    1. I’m sure they’ll sell as well as the Mo’ne shirts.

      Except this time nobody will care to make sure he gives a cut to the Catholic Church. They’ve swindled enough people out of money over the centuries.

    2. Jim and he are having a brain-storming session right now to try to figure how to connect Pick Up the Shield with the Pope.

  1. Does the doll give you stomach pains and eventual explosive diarrhea. Then you’d know for sure it was an authentic Aramark product.

  2. Lol. They are treating the pope like a sports figure. Plush toy, cardboard cutout, t-shirts??? Seriously, this is wrong in so many ways. Can they send the proceeds to the needy at least? Will they be sold by rude and smelly people too like when I go to a game?

  3. Who wants to take action on whether or not Kyle has a Pope t-shirt to hawk at some point?
    -10000 Yes
    +9990 No

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