Ben Revere Sucks

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I thoroughly enjoyed Glen Macnow’s take on Ben Revere in the Metro this week, under the headline Is Ben Revere the dumbest Phillie of all time?:

[After Revere was called out for not retouching a base upon retreat], Ryne Sandberg suggested Revere may have been ignorant that for the past 158 years, baseball has required runners heading backwards to retouch a base. “I don’t know that he knew he has to do that,” said the Fundamentals Manager. For his part, Revere insisted he knew the rule.

I’m inclined to agree with Sandberg on this one. After watching Revere for the past three seasons, I’ve concluded he’s the dumbest player I’ve ever seen in red pinstripes.

Macnow cited what two scouts told Kevin Cooney:

Scout One: “He’s at best a fourth outfielder that you could use as a potential pinch-runner. The problem there is that he has terrible baseball instincts and is an awful baserunner.”

Scout Two: “I’ll pass, thank you. He makes one mistake a night that could kill you.”

Those are the highlights of a succinct hit piece on Revere. You should read it.

In fact, just to confirm how misleading it can be to praise Revere over his typically decent batting average, I dove into the Baseball Reference computer of all things baseball and came up for air with this: Revere’s the only player since the beginning of 2013 (his time with the Phillies) with a minimum of 600 plate appearances to bat over .290 but have an on-base percentage under .330 and an OPS under .700. And among all players with a batting average over .290 during that same span, Revere, obviously, has the smallest delta between his average (.298) and OPS (.682), and it’s not even close. In other words: he’s the worst .298 hitter on the planet.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-09_05-29-17_PM

Good thing his bosses aren’t into that whole advanced statistics thing.

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23 Responses

  1. What Macnow forgets is that the hit that put Revere on first, should have had him at second, completely avoiding the mistake. He hit the ball to left center. The throw went to home and held the runner at third, and if Revere had actually rounded first and watched the play, he could have easily advanced on the throw. So the inning ending double play blunder was set up by poor base running twice.

    It is really difficult to watch this team. The young kids are exciting to watch. Galvis has had some gems at SS. But man, it is really difficult to watch the 2008 heroes just look old and pathetic. Howard’s pre pitch point of the bat to the sky used to be something that just meant fear. Now it is just a pathetic gesture, like the sandlot kid who could spout stats and imitate every player but could not hit a ball to save his life.

  2. This post is racist . Ben Revere is a 300 hitter & steals 30-40 bases ever year

  3. For Macnow to label anyone else dumb is the height of hypocrisy . This jackass just spent 3 months of his life on a great bacon hunt.

    Revere isnt the problem. He’s just trying to make a living. The problem is the Phillies owners who have seen their net worth rise about $500 M and sign a $5 B TV deal in the past couple years, yet still give you a terrible product.

    CBP is among the top HR hitting ball parks in MLB yet give the fans an outfield of Asche,Herrera,Revere who have 1 HR all season between the 3 of them.

    So Glen instead of being so ignorant and personally attacking a baseball player, attack the owners who are flush with wealth yet give us trash to watch.

    1. The phillies fans Are half the problem in this Situation you ran manuiel out of town before the season was over And he won a you want to run Sandberg out of town Without giving him a full chance or half way decent team and Utley and howard ain’t going nowhere. Give it up

  4. Macnow is just jealous Revere has a full time gig and doesn’t have to keep doing crappy eating stunts to get free food. Can’t even listen to Didinger because of this clown.

    Macnow is a fraud and always has been. So badly wants to be “part” of Philly history but is just a Buffalo carpet bagger who enjoyed the free food he could get and never left. That thief Pete from Chickie and Pete’s profits went up exponentially once he had to stop letting Macnow take home freebies after remotes.

  5. Macnow needs his own show on the food network where he does these bacon & beer type challenges

  6. It didn’t take three years to figure out he sucks! He sucked long before he became a Phillie!!!

  7. Mike Miss sucks too. Spends his whole show complaining about LeBron haters while all of his guests say that he’s not really that hated anymore.

  8. Ben Revere is a stiff, has always been a stiff and will always be a stiff. The scrub has an arm worse than Dykstra, is nothing more than a weak slap hitter and runs the bases like a Downs Syndrome four year old.

    1. I have a kid with Down Syndrome — not “Downs” — and he would kick your pussy ass in any sport any day of the week. I’m not super PC — in fact I hate how PC we have become — but It always amazes me how the same people who would never dare utter a racial slur like the N-word or something that would offend another race or religion, have no problem uttering words like “Retard” or make a comment that somebody probably rode the “short bus” to school. I’ve heard these comments made on radio and it always seems to be okay with everybody. f’ng hypocrites!!!

  9. Did they give up Vance Worley for this guy, they gave up Trevor May also. That same Trevor May who is currently in the Twins rotation and pitching much better. You could call Ruben a bad GM based on this one move alone, but as we know, this is just the icing. So he depleted his team by selling two pitchers, both of whom could easily be in this rotation, and he also weakened his overall team by bringing in a negative WAR player. Pretty impressive feat. Good call as always Rube.

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