Bob McClure Continues to Be the Worst Pitching Coach in Baseball History

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Someone commented yesterday that my observations are typically with 20-20 hindsight. Mostly true. But here’s what I wrote about Bob McClure when the Phillies hired him back in 2013 under the headline The Phillies May Have Hired the Worst Pitching Coach in Baseball.

McClure’s staffs, updated to reflect his time with the Phillies:

2006 Royals: Worst ERA in baseball (5.65).

2007 Royals: 16th lowest ERA in baseball (4.48).

2008 Royals: 22nd lowest ERA in baseball (4.48)

2009 Royals: 26th lowest ERA in baseball (4.83).

2010 Royals: 29th lowest ERA in baseball (4.97).

2011 Royals: 27th lowest ERA in baseball (4.44).

2012 Red Sox: 27th lowest ERA in baseball (4.70).

2014 Phillies: 20th lowest ERA in baseball (3.79).

2015 Phillies: 28th lowest ERA in baseball (4.35).

Sometimes it doesn’t take rocket science.


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  1. How does this guy still have a job and how why does anyone hire him?
    If a regular person was this bad at their job they would get their ass fired and would be unemployed forever.
    Also, there’s a woman at my job I’d love to stick it to.

    1. Want to take a minute and check out the staff’s he was given to work with? Starting rotation of:
      Greinke, Davies, Bannister, Chen, Hochevar and yes….Sean O’Sullivan in 2010

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        JUNE 17, 2015 AT 5:36 PM

  2. Let’s stop reaching here. Those Royals teams were some of the worst in the last 20 years. All had more than 87 losses. That wasn’t due to pitching. The talent was garbage. 3/4 of that list can be thrown out. Then the red sox with that staff….doing worse this year and the Phillies with injuries. Those are some slanted stats.

    1. Are we really forgetting that this guy was about the TENTH choice? Remember how Roger McDowell used them for more money and then everyone else said no? This guy was a loser even on their list, and they still hired him. I can’t find one single reason to defend this guy. Can you find one instance where he made a staff better?

  3. He deserves more credit for having to have Sean O’Sullivan on his starting rotation for 3 of those 9 years (10,11,15)

    1. You think he didn’t have any say in bringing in Sean O’Sullivan? He worked with the guy for 2 years in KC. You’d think his name would come up and he’d throw a fit if he didn’t see something there. And he’s by far not their biggest problem.

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  4. I think this would be more effectively written as “Highest” as in 3rd Highest ERA in baseball, but whatever. Everyone sucks except Chip Kelly and Sam Hinkie.

    1. Right? Talk about rocket science. 28th lowest era in baseball is a good thing. In this article, it’s supposed to be a bad thing. Idiot.

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  6. okay but these guys are supposed to be professionals. like how much does a hitting coach or pitching coach really do?

  7. I never thought I’d agree with Gargano. But this is easily the worst team in baseball history if you include their payroll. How no one has gotten fired yet is astounding. They are an embarrassment to this city and the fact Ruben Amaro and ownership have allowed them to get this bad with all the money we’ve given them is just a slap to the face. They’ve ruined the players we loved in Utley, Howard, chooch, hamels, etc. We now look at these players as pathetic. When in reality they were responsible for the greatest era in most of our lifetimes. Fuck you Ruben and ownership. You truly are a disgrace to this city.

  8. It will only get worse. Right now they are on track for a top ten worst finish in franchise history. I truly feel like they are the real Tankadelphia and not the Sixers, because in baseball the worst team is guaranteed the first pick unlike basketball where the worst record means nothing.

  9. Hopefully there is a Bryce Harper type player next year as the top pick

  10. Baseball suffers from great sport to play brutal sport to watch

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