Chase Utley Is Headed to the DL and There Aren’t Enough Sad Faces in the World

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Who gets on base less and hits for less power than Revere? This guy.

Chase Utley is headed to the DL with very vague ankle inflammation, which has apparently been bothering him all year.

Todd Zolecki:

“It’s hard to tell,” Utley said, asked how much the ankle has affected him at the plate. “Obviously, it’s been bothering me for a little while. Most players have aches and pains through the year. So I’m not shocked with that. It’s really showing no improvement. So I think it’s a good time to get it right. We will have a cortisone shot tomorrow. We’ll take a little time off, and hopefully that will get it squared away.”

What it is and what it will take to get it right is somewhat murky. But Utley – whose .179 batting average and .532 OPS looks like it belongs to a slugging starting pitching –  had been benched three of the last four games.

What’s more interesting is that Utley has a $15 million vesting option (every Phillie gets a vesting option!) for 2016 if he gets (attains?) 500 plate appearances for the season, so there can be conjecture that he’s been downplaying the injury to the detriment of the already shitty team in order to get paid another year.

But, of course, Ryne Sandberg comes out of this stupid is as stupid does, as usual. He told reporters that he was unaware Utley had been playing through pain: “My communication with Chase throughout this season about playing is that he’s been up and willing to go, and no real reports of anything holding him back. I was a little bit surprised by it in some regards.”

Yet, Zolecki points out that Utley had an MRI on May 16 and head trainer Scott Sheridan was well aware of the inflammation and swelling.

So, two takeaways here: 1) Sandberg’s ineptitude continues to amaze, and 2) it looks like we’re nearing the end of the Chase Utley era. To say that makes me sad would be an understatement.

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21 Responses

  1. It’s pretty telling of your character that you lead with this story and not Franco tearing the cover off of the ball.

    1. Reporting on positive stories around here are not very frequent. Maybe he’s just waiting for deadspin to write an article on Franco’s awesome rookie campaign.

      1. Well I’ll be damned…there’s the Franco article, in all its positivityness!

  2. I remember Jayson Stark saying last summer that Utley could have netted 2 good prospects at the trade deadline from teams like the Giants who were looking for a second basemen. But again, the Phillies will get nothing for him cause they held onto him too long. The same goes for Cliff Lee as the Dodgers claimed him off waivers in August 2012, and the Phillies could have negotiated a trade for him to get prospects and they balked at that one too.

    I partially blame the fans because alot of them were not on board with trading these guys before this year they realized that this team needed to rebuild. I used to argue with friends when they would talk about rebuilding, but don’t trade Lee, Hamels or Utley. I would tell them that they were the only guys that would get us value!!!

    Our only hope is Hamels to net us some good prospects as the other guys at this point you just want to get anything for like Howard, Chooch, Papelbon, Harang, etc.

    1. “I partially blame the fans because alot of them were not on board with trading these guys before this year they realized that this team needed to rebuild.”
      Uh, how would ‘the fans’ have had any impact on what the front office would do with their players? As if ‘we’ have a say in what they do? Do you think the fans would have taken to the streets to riot?

      1. Dave Montgomery admitted that they kept beloved guys like Utley here longer then they should in fear of losing the fanbase

    2. No. There was never any point in the last three seasons that Utley was worth “2 good prospects.” You’re making this up. On top of that, Utley had his 10/5 right kick in, I believe, somewhere in the middle of the ’13 season, which means he could – and still can – veto any trade, anywhere.

      At best, they could have traded the guy the season his last contract ran out (in ’13 before his 10/5 right kicked in) and got a B-level prospect because he would have served as a rental before his impending free agency. The mistake the Phillies made was resigning the guy. But they thought they could still compete…when most fans that I know knew this roster was trash None of this is the fans’ fault. None.

      1. I’m telling you what was said during the trade deadline last year as Jayson Stark said it on ESPN, and Ken Rosenthal said the same thing to Michael Barkann on Comcast that he thought the Phillies could get 2 good prospects for Utley, Now not the type of prospects you could get for Hamels, but a step under.

      2. As bad as Jimmy Rollins was in 2014, he still netted a pretty good return in Zach Eflin. Utley had a great first half that same year, so a deadline trade involving him may very well have yielded two good prospects.

      3. And remember, washed-up veterans get traded for good pieces does happen. As Phillies fans, we’ve certainly seen our share of it over the years. Next time you watch Gio Gonzalez pitch, just remember that we traded him for f–king Freddy Garcia.

        1. Freddie Garcia? That was, what, 10 years ago? Teams value their prospect now more than ever. Unfortunately, RAJ is realizing this the hard way. That’s why some of these guys are still here.

          Also, Jimmy Rollins netted one decent pitching prospect (Elfin) whose upside is a back of the rotation starter and Tom Windle, who is getting destroyed in Reading.

          That’s the kind of return you were looking at for Utley. That’s not “2 good prospects”. That’s one decent prospect and org filler.

  3. Now if they could get Ben Revere, Ryan Howard, Dom Brown and Freddie Galvis to the dl, everything would be perfect.

    1. Hell to the no! They’re reporting this “injury” so he misses the 500 ABs without having to be benched, then he’ll hopefully announce his retirement.

  4. They signed him for fanbase reasons only. Plus, there’s no way he doesn’t get his 500 AB this season. There’s no salary cap and the Phillies don’t mind giving it to him.

    1. The salary isn’t the real problem – it’s the YoY vesting option, so they need to cut the cord now.

  5. I know he is a God here, and once was an amazing player. But he;s also an inveterate serial liar who seems pathologically selfish and will never be forth coming and is willing to damage his team out of his extreme narcissism. I want him gone.

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