Chip Kelly Getting Sued Because He’s Bad at Paying Rent

Time to move out. Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Time to move out.
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly is a millionaire football coach, but did you know he’s just like us common folk? He likes a tasty smoothie, he’s rocking a pretty complete dadbod, and he’s not great at paying his rent on time. Or at all. But because of that whole “millionaire” thing in the first sentence, it’s not just a couple of bucks. Chip’s getting sued for allegedly not paying $80,000 in rent.

Well, it’s not that he didn’t pay his rent, it’s that he never apparently told his landlord he was moving out. You aren’t supposed to give the ol’ Irish goodbye to the apartment you’re living in. According to the Legal Intelligencer (via

The coach began renting the penthouse property from (landlord Tempa) Berish for $10,700 per month in April 2013, but he failed to properly notify Berish that he did not plan to renew the lease. In April 2014, pursuant to the lease agreement, the lease automatically renewed, and the monthly rent increased to $11,235, court papers said. Kelly stopped paying rent beginning in April 2014, and Berish was unable to find a replacement tenant until September 2014.

In total, Chip owes $79,374. Plus, he could lose his security deposit — an additional $20,000. But you know how landlords are. There’s a few chips in the paint here, an outlet cover missing there, and there goes your twenty grand. That’s $100,000 total though, money that could’ve been the beginning of an Evan Mathis raise. Or a new smoothie station.

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  1. I settled with the landlord, so no big deal. Howard Eskin is going to payoff the debt and in return, I will call him Howard at four post game conferences this year regardless of how stupid the question. He said he had the money as Burger King rehired him.

  2. David Murphy (steals other people’s material claims as own also writes like a girl)
    Matt lombardo (same as above)
    People who tune into Eytan schander
    People who listen to Jon johnson
    People that run the phanatic
    Jimmy Kempski
    Philly influencer
    Twitter followers
    Etc etc etc

    1. You forgot about people who list other people with a 74 IQ on Crossing Broad’s message board.

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