UPDATED: D’Angelo Russell Reportedly Cancelled His Visit with the Sixers


Keith Pompey is usually good with these things, so as long as it was a cancellation and not a re-schedule, this is a heartbreaker. Canceling your visit to the team with the third pick just screams “The Lakers told me they’d draft me.” This could just be a reschedule. It could also be the tweet that sends Kristaps Porzingis or Emmanuel Mudiay or Jahlil Okafor into “The Center.” Draft night is going to be wild.

UPDATE: Maybe not that big of a deal:
nerlens joel

UPDATE 2: Russell reportedly cancelled because he’s “really sick.”

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12 Responses

  1. I just got over Mariota, I cant handle another heart break. Sixers need Russell, LA got the #2 bc the lottery is fixed. This is BS!!

  2. Great so not only will the Sixers lose out on D’Angelo Russell to the Lakers,they’ll also take another foreign big man in Kristaps Porzingis who’ll be stashed away overseas for a minimum of 3 years which means we as Sixers fans will have gone through another season of tanking for nothing.

  3. This is the reason I never understood why many in the media and some of the fans wanted the #3 pick before the lottery, so we wouldn’t have to debate on taking Towns or Okafur, and we could take Russell. The whole argument was that you had to take the best player available and if we got the #1 or #2 pick, we should have taken a big man despite having Noel and Embiid. But the media and some fans didn’t even want that scenario so they hoped for #3, and Russell would fall right into our lap. Just to think we have tried to tank for Wiggins last year, and tried to tank for Russell this year and may not get either one. That is why I will always say that you need ALOT of luck to build a winner in the NBA.

    1. Who ever said tank for Russell? He wasn’t on anyone’s radar as a lottery pick when the NBA season started. Even if we don’t end up with Russell it might be a blessing or as you put it – luck.

  4. This is great! This means we get one of the two bigs who will be worth far more than Russell. Towns and Okafor should be regulars on the all star teams while Russell looks to be a mid level talent. He is not the next Curry/Paul/Westbrook.

  5. Towns + Okafor are going to go 1-2. Possible that the NYKnicks who pick # 4 have gotten into Russell’s camp trying to steer Dangelo Russell to the Knicks.

    Sixers leaking noise about russell,mudiay,porzingis. Who is the one name that hasnt been linked?

    With the 3rd pick in the NBA draft the Philadelphia 76ers choose Mario Herzonja.

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