D’Angelo Russell’s Top 10 Plays at Ohio State to Get You Pumped for the Draft…

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… and set up for disappointment when the Sixers trade down. [Kidding. Maybe.]

With the NBA draft just about 30 hours away, most Sixers fans are settling on the idea that Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell will wear the side-stars next season. Many are all about Russell’s shooting and scoring ability, but he’s also one hell of a passer (as we learned earlier) and ballhandler. With that said, and to get you to the appropriate level of hype still considered safe by physicians, here are 10 of Russell’s best plays in his time at Ohio State. All come from this Ohio State website, but I didn’t like their rankings so I re-ranked them, in the correct order.

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10. The New-School No-Look

9. Skate Zone

8. Hustle D

7. Full Speed Transition

6. Blowing Right By

5. LOL See Ya

4. Wait for It

3. Hey, Look that Way!

2. Making Himself Open

1. This is Not How Physics Works

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  1. Arthur Correct: …..and the Sixers should definitely take Russell. He’s good.
    Mike Miss: Yea, bro.
    AC: I like Russell.
    MM: Nice, bro. So you want a general knowledge question, bro?
    AC: Sure.
    MM: OK, bro. This comes from the general knowledge category, bro. Bro, what day of the week do we celebrate Memorial Day?
    AC: Ahhhhhhhhh. I know that’s the one for the military.
    MM: Bro, what date day of the week do we celebrate Memorial Day?
    AC: See that’s in November, and it’s a …. like I think it’s Saturday.
    MM: No, bro. Bro, it’s on a Monday.
    Martinez: Unbelievable.
    MM: Come on, bro.
    Martinez: Gotta know that.
    MM: Wow, bro.
    Martinez: Some people ….
    MM: You know that one, Martinez?
    Martinez: Of course!
    MM: Bernie from Broomall, you’re on 97.5, The Fanatic.
    BfB: The Eagles should’ve never cut DeSean Jackson …

    1. Yo, bro, have ’em call my show. They’re stone morons, but about 100 IQ points above my usual callers.

  2. Is where I’ll be if the Sixers don’t draft D’Angelo Russell

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