DeMarco Murray Left Meat on the Bone, But So Does Everyone


Joseph Randle made headlines a few weeks ago when he stole underwear again said DeMarco Murray “left a lot of meat on the bone” in his rushing attempts last year. That’s certainly one thing to say about the NFL’s rushing leader (and the guy who was ahead of you on the depth chart), but did now-Eagle Murray make some wrong decisions and leave yards on the field? Andy Benoit at MMQB thinks so.

Using two other screenshots like the one above, Benoit says that Murray “doesn’t [hit the hole] with nearly the regularity a man of his build and skill set should.” His hips are stiff and his feet are heavy. And for Randle’s part, he “averaged 6.7 yards a carry off the bench in 2014. He can average well over 5.0 getting 20-plus carries a game as a starter as long as he plays with the discipline that Murray sometimes lacked.”

Sure, but here’s the thing. Benoit used three carries as examples. Murray ran the ball 392 times. Every running back — and I mean every one who carries the ball 20 times in a season — is going to miss some holes and make the wrong decision off the handoff and make the wrong cut. Every single one. Every running back in the league left meat on the bone last year, the positive about Murray is that he didn’t really leave enough to get him booted from Wing Bowl.

Kyle: Totally agree. And Murray, despite any flaws, falls forward better than any player I’ve ever seen. He might miss a hole, but then he’ll get tackled and fall seven yards forward before he hits the ground. He’s essentially the anti-McCoy, who also left meat on the bone when he danced around in the backfield. Murray can get four yards per carry without even trying. This seems to be exactly the type of back Chip prefers.


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  1. This is dumb, you can’t look at a still and determine anything.

    For example, the one posted. There is a safety(?) ready to fill the hole and possibly a DL ready to shed a block. What did this play look like a second later and a second before?

  2. Kyle great point at the end. All things equal on the same type of play Shady would dance around and lose 2-3 yards while DeMarco would gain 2-3 yards. This will help get rid of all of those 3 and outs that kill the offense and hurt the defense so badly.

    And seriously 3 examples out of 392 rushes? Lets talk about how Demarco had 15 carries for over 20 yards. Does this mean he will do that every time he touches the ball? That’s what Andy Benoit is trying to say with his 3 examples about leaving meat on the bone.

      1. Thank you Jim you are a hero but I was talking about the Kyle blurb at the very end of the article.

  3. DeMarco Murray is in for a rude awakening.
    Those massive holes he ran through in Dallas will no longer be a luxury as teams will now put a minimum of 8 in the box,daring the Eagles mediocre quarterbacks to beat them with their arms,which we all know they’re not capable of doing.

    I guarantee you Murray will finish with less rushing yards than LeSean McCoy had last year.

    But keep drinking that powerful green kool-aid Eagles fans,it does a body good(dopes).

    1. Murray will be splitting carriers, so your guarantee may be right and he can still have a very good year.

      How many yards will Mccoy get in Buffalo? I guarantee you he has less yards this year than his last with the Eagles.

      1. Nah I see McCoy rushing for about 1500 yards and 10+ touchdowns.And the reason DeMarco
        Murray will rush for fewer yards has nothing to do with splitting time with Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles and more to do with teams stacking the box to stop the Eagles running game because they don’t respect the Eagles passing game.

  4. Angelo was asking everyone today who was better, Jordan or LeBron. Then he was begging people to vote and say Wilt was the best.

    Over on Gargagutan, he was HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHing it up over some stupid comedian. It was awful.

    If those 2, Innes and Missanelli walked into a wood chipper the world would be a better place.

    1. Don’t worry good brotha,I’ll be calling both stations to spice things up.I know you guys love it when I call in to rip that fraud of a coach in Chip Kelly so get your popcorn ready!

  5. When Giants fans were talking about their team potentially signing Murray the consensus among Eagles fans was that he was trash and a product of an offensive line and that McCoy was much better. What’s changed?

    1. Consensus..

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means

  6. I just want a simple answer:

    Why is Innes so hellbent on talking about Missinnelli? I get it, he starts here, tries to make a name for himself, so he says some stuff. But WHY is it still happening?

    And Bruno, all these years, he has known Mike but now finds it the right time to rip him? What a pu@@y. Miss Robin is disgusting, she should go far away.

    Their show is more like a TMZ style show because they are ripping on people.

    1. When did you want me to rip on him, when we were working together and he was the top banana @ 97.5? Go ahead, hater.

  7. Ratings. Entertainment. Shock Value. Its a sad world we live in, where you can systematically verbally attack someone, professionally and personally and “get ahead”, and be rewarded with bigger paychecks.

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