Did Chip Kelly Do Something Unconventional Today?

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


According to an Instagram video posted by reporter Albert Breer, the Eagles defense has been running drills practicing rugby-style tackling during OTAs. What does this entail? According to the Inquisitr:

“The rugby style of tackling has players come in with their head lowered, which is opposite of how many NFL teams teach players to come in with head high and drive through. Rugby style tackling also involves twisting after the ball carrier is wrapped up.”

It’s a style of tackling that originated with rugby but has been adapted by Pete Carroll to help bring the ball carrier down and also protect the tackler’s head and neck. And attempting to shy away from leading with the head, while transitioning into a more safe and reliable tackling method can only help. Or, they could take some tips from my own Kutztown Golden Bears:

Don’t know what that could actually accomplish though.

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14 Responses

  1. Interesting tactic.

    Rugby players typically ‘catch’ the runner and wrestle them down more than the ‘blow up’ technique used by the NFL.

    This is partially due to the NFL being foremost about gaining first downs and Rugby more about just bringing the player down, so blowing up the runner to stop him dead is advantageous.

    Also this as to do with helmets. You’re not going to dive face first into a player without a helmet.

    1. They can dive face first into my “helmet”, if you know what I mean…

    2. It is also because wrapping up a player when tackling is a rule in rugby. Blowing someone up NFL style is a penalty.

  2. Burning a cross with a hood on his head? Not that unconventional. People have been doing it for years.

    1. Brother Mitchie tools has been banned by brother Josh Innes and brother Tony Bruno for calling both stations.But don’t you worry,brother Mitchie tools will be calling brother Anthony Gargano and brother Johnny Marks on the fanatic morning show.

  3. Ok, that gif is not a typical rugby tackle so it was kind of dumb to post that actually. The Eagles won’t look like the wwf folks, nothing to see here. I believe there may have been some sort of penalty called on Superfly Snuka in that video.

  4. Ohio State switched to that technique last year and the results were obviously outstanding – its the Chip Kelly – Urban Meyer dynamic again (Billy Davis, Power Spread, Tim Tebow)

  5. That tackle put the player in the sin bin for two minutes. In that two minutes Cal scored in sudden death overtime to win the tournament. That tackle may have cost Kutztown the tournament.

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