Guy Wearing A Smarty Jones Flyers Jersey at The Belmont Is, Maybe, The Most Philly Thing Ever

Voila_Capture 2015-06-07_09-38-08_AMVoila_Capture 2015-06-07_09-38-15_AM

As one reader on Twitter pointed out– it’s signed! By whom, exactly, is disturbingly unclear.

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14 Responses

  1. What exactly makes this the “most Philly thing ever”? Or is this just one of those sayings people overuse. I think we can put this in the category of butthurt…..

    But seriously, this is the most crossingbroad thing ever. People wearing shitty shirts that is.

    1. Solid point. Not sure if Kyle has ever actually been within the Philadelphia city limits.

  2. Is it extra-Philly because it is an atrocious fake? That thing is a step up from homemade. The Chinese make better forgeries.

  3. That fat fuck in the fedora hat has a better chance of getting pussy over that loser in the smarty jones flyers jersey

  4. Typical Delco white-trash,who actually thinks he looks cool wearing methhead attire.
    Wouldn’t shock me if he’s best friends with Sean Brace.

  5. Those are fucking cargo pants. Sorry, he should not be allowed in the grounds of the Belmont with that shit on. Cargo pants are for work, not for social events. This asshole gives Philly a bad look.

  6. Truth be told, my jockey Mr. Elliot, got suckered in by the shenanigans of Gary Stevens and Jerry Bailey to confuse me. Also, my owners, the Chapman’s, the used car dealers, never let me run again as they were money hungry and put me out to stud. Also, that visit to my stable pre Belmont by then Gov. Rendell unnerved me. Talk about someone that should be eating oats and his crazy idea the former governors should also be put out to stud.

  7. Smarty Jones was my ticket to the bigtime, dammit. Had the book written and everything. Can’t believe I missed the American Pharaoh TC pick. If you see me scraping the dirt for discarded tickets at Philadelphia Park, don’t forget to say hi.

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