Howard Eskin Is So Brave



You see, Geoff Mosher might think two (or at least one) of the Eagles’ most important players colliding hard is scary, but Howard Eskin — of course, injecting himself in there — is a big boy. He’s not afraid at all. He even dressed himself this morning. You can always tell, because he looks like a fast food mascot fused with a dead animal.

H/T to (@yuschajp)


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    1. How about the day you pushed a crazed man to kill his wife? Was that a bad one?

  1. I’m different from my father.

    He wears fur coats, I’m all tatted up.
    He drives ugly fancy cars to call attention to himself, I wear a GJ Kinne shirsey to Eagles games to call attention to myself.
    He trolls Sam Hinkie, I troll his crotch.
    He acts like an ass on air, I pay Josh Innes to do that for me.

    See. Different.

    1. I wonder if King took his right of prima nocta to Spike’s hot wife?

      1. I wouldn’t describe her as hot wife. Not ugly she’s ok, but you know if she is with Spike eskin she’s probably not really hot

  2. In other words, Mosher is a pussy. Prolly doesn’t even have a Rolex and a fur coat.

  3. You better listen to what I have to say and get that glob of Cream of Wheat out of your mouth.

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