Howard Eskin Tests Brett Brown’s Tolerance for Stupidity


God bless Brett Brown. The man has the patience of a saint. Not only was he willing to talk to us idiots on our Crossing Streams podcast, but he also spent the last two years trying to improve and structure a Sixers team that isn’t expected to do anything of note while he’s under his current contract. And on top of all of that, he’s gotta have Howard Eskin talk stupid to his face.

Howard Eskin interviewed Brett Brown on Fox 29 last night, and it’s nearly unwatchable. Not only does Eskin strain to not pat himself on the back when he says “Hi Waldo” to the camera when talking about Sam Hinkie, but he frames questions like he’s the only person to ever ask them.

According to Eskin, Michael Carter-Williams was in the midst of being formed into a superstar when he was yanked out from under the protective wing of Brown by a robotic Hinkie. And then, he says dumb shit like this, which can only be reacted to in one way: “I gotta talk to you about the analytics. I mean, just look at a player, not a computer. I don’t get all this.” Flames. On the side of my face.

I’m really tired of doing this, and I promise this is the last time (maybe), but if Eskin (or someone else like him) is reading, let me explain to you what analytics are good for. Ahem: THEY GIVE YOU MORE INFORMATION AND MORE INFORMATION IS ALWAYS GOOD.

Is that simple enough? Cool.

But the most problematic thing about this interview (you can watch it after the jump if you want to) is that Eskin talks to Brown like he’s being held hostage to coach a team under an evil dictator (Hinkie). He tells Brown that he’s heard that he’s not in the draft room with Hinkie. Brown tells him he’s totally wrong. Eskin says he’s been told by people “inside the organization that he’s right,” before half-heartedly saying “but I’m gonna believe you.”

It’s this “blink twice if you need help” behavior that really belittles not only Brown’s worth as a coach, but as a person. He’s not a child. Eskin and others act like poor Brown is being held prisoner by something he didn’t sign up for and is being brainwashed into helping a madman achieve financial gain. It’s like they see Hinkie as a bumbling Doctor Evil, but cast themselves as James Bond because he was definitely more handsome and cooler than Austin Powers. Let me set this straight for you: Coaching a team in a rebuilding phase isn’t easy, and it isn’t ideal. But the job Brown is doing with what he’s got is nothing short of remarkable, and to be honest, he really seems to be enjoying himself. He doesn’t need your saving. Hinkie isn’t some robot overlord. Get a new angle.

Full video after the jump, but it’s only worth watching for Brown explaining analytics to an idiot at around the 5 minute mark.

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

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39 Responses

  1. It’s a new week, so that means we need a fresh batch of Jim (attempting to coherently) write about a team that hasn’t tried to put a winning product on the court in 3 years.

    You invested in the ground floor of the Hinkie Ponzie Scheme, your money isn’t coming back, you keep buying in, you keep yelling at everyone else who says it’s a scam. Even if that other person is a clown, it doesn’t mean challenging the almighty Hinkie isn’t justifiable.

    1. Not understanding what analytics are makes him an idiot. Not understanding what a Ponzi Scheme is, and using in a way that makes zero sense, makes you just as dumb.

      1. My sentiments exactly. I understand having a problem with what Hinkie is doing, but when you start calling it a Ponzi scheme 1) means you don’t know what a Ponzi scheme is and 2) you just repeat what others say without giving it much thought aka an IDIOT.

    2. so you are a huge fan of the one team in this city that doesn’t care about analytics, the Phillies right? I’ll save you a spot on the parade root so you can stand beside me this fall.

  2. Here is a list of people I have dominated:
    Mike Miss
    Sean Brace
    Cuz Gargano
    Rob Ellis
    to name a few…
    Does anyone else want to challenge the “Radio Master”?

    Once I take over for Angelo, I will bury the Cuz (if he still has a job then) and add Jon Marks to the list.

    1. Wow Josh you really took down some radio heavy hitters. Marks and Brace? Those two are a step below college radio. Don’t back yourself on your fat back too hard I don’t want you to have what I presume is another heart attack.

    2. You only mentioned one person with any kind of pedigree; and he is doing a great job of ruining that all on his own.


      Jesus Christ, you suck.

    3. “Dominated” ????

      I know you mean with leather, ball gags, riding crops, and nipple clamps, right? I heard you rode Mikey miss so hard he thought he was in the Bellmont.

  3. Sam won’t. How can a guy who has become so irrelevant walk around and think he’s the most important person covering sports in town.

    1. I think it’s the hipster doofus glasses that make him feel so important. He’s just an old, tired, miserable “man”.

    1. Actually thought it was a troll twitter account or web site.

      Is this ass clown serious?

    2. I actually had to see it for myself, and yes, it is every bit the train wreck you would expect. Almost feel bad for the guy at this point, a year ago he was at the Fanatic fest having a ball on stage. This year, he is in his moms’s living room recording videos that no one is watching, cleaning tables at Pitchers.

  4. he is…if he isn’t, then who? none of the other tv/radio talking heads do any actual reporting.

  5. I love how Eskin refers to Houston being an “analytics” team that “doesn’t play the right way” (whatever that means) and that Cleveland is going to die because they take too many three point shots yet he doesn’t recognize that Golden State, who is likely going to win the NBA Championship despite what happened last night, as a team who takes more three point shots than anybody outside of Houston and are just as involved in analytics as any other organization.

    Howard Eskin has no clue when it comes to the NBA. I stopped after 3 minutes of this interview. I couldn’t take it anymore.

  6. Howard Eskin and the rest of those negative minions at 94wip,are still upset with Sam Hinkie because he won’t bend over backwards to kiss their old wrinkled asses and give them interviews.

  7. This phrase, along with my dirty delco accent, makes bob kelly a fuck face.

  8. You are one of the most vile, self imposed, idiots I’ve ever seen “report” sports. First of all, I could’ve answered half those questions you asked except the rumors you’ve heard from poor sources. Nothing during that interview helped any fan or anyone watching learn anything new, you wonder why they won’t meet with you you fucking idiot? Who in their right mind would sit there and listen to some nobody disrespect them? Some of the questions he asked were just out right rude and he had the nerve the laugh at his own jokes. Eskin even asks questions that could have had negative effects on the team itself if Brett wasn’t so well spoken and knew how to navigate the idiocy that is Philadelphia media. If I were Brett I’d never give Eskin another interview and if they are successful in building a contender I’d continue to shut him out. News flash Howard, everyone with 2 sides to their brain understands that the plan could fail it doesn’t mean you have to be a complete asshole about it. Lakers pick out of the lottery? What? Arguably the best player in the NBA was the 8th seed in the West, and another player who could argue missed out on the playoffs entirely. But a 40 year old Kobe who no one wants to play with is going to will them to the 6th or 7th seed. I’m disgusted and feel sorry for Brett to have to sit through that.

  9. The problem with Eskin is that he lets his biases get involved with every player/coach in this town, so you know he is not being genuine. He hated Charlie Manuel from day one, and would never give in and say anything positive even after he won a World Series. He loved Andy Reid from day one, so he would never say anything negative about him even when the team started to crumble at the end. I could go on and on off players/coaches he loved and hated, and would never change his tune. He has not liked Sam Hinkie from day one (probably cause Sam wouldn’t give him an interview or something) so he rails against this plan of tanking every year. Despite the fact the he would go on and on in the early 1990’s (before Iverson) about how the Sixers needed to tank a few seasons and get as many lottery picks as they can to build a true winner.

  10. Why does anyone who even suggests that Hinkie just might not be the second coming get put on blast around here?
    Maybe I agree with the tanking strategy and maybe I believe analytics are valuable. But maybe I’m just not so sure Hinkie is the right guy to be at the controls of it all.
    A commenter above used a Ponzi Scheme example and perhaps that isn’t the right term, so I’ll use an economics analogy.
    Maybe Hinkie is just “kicking the can down the road”. In other words, he enjoys the process more than a successful end result. Can anyone refute that? Can anyone show me in Hinkie’s resume where a track record of success preceeds him?

    1. It’s not the fact that they disagree with Hinkie’s plan that bothers me, is that they say it has NO chance of working. Guys like Eskin, Dick Jerardi, Marcus Hayes, Big Daddy will go on the air actually say this plan will NEVER work, and that’s being disingenious.

      It would be just as ridiculous for if I came on radio or tv and said this plan would 100% work and we would be in the championship in 3 years. Nobody knows if this will work out, as we all have an opinion on whether we agree or disagree with the plan.

      1. You could take everything that Eskin and Big Daddy know about basketball, put it on the head of a pin, and still have room left over.

    2. Just go to his wiki page. There you will see he strives for success . “kicking the can down the road” does not seem like his MO. Even as far back as High school where he was valedictorian

  11. What I find really interesting about kyle scott is that he even cares about a has been like eskin and what he does. Nobody watches or cares abut that douche anymore. give it up Kyle.

  12. The St Louis Cardinals would never tank. They are magically delicious.

  13. eskin wants to be a lightning rod for hot takes like those asshats on first take, but he has no entertainment value. just constantly insufferable. there’s no reason any coach/player in this town should have to suffer through a poorly orchestrated troll segment with him.

  14. this was pretty awful…..just listen to Eskin from 3:50 to 4:15 try and explain how Houston “doesn’t play the right way” and then start to tell Brown how the right way to play is “you got to pass the ball….” then just trailing off because he has zero basketball knowledge. Also Cleveland isn’t going to win because they can’t shoot the 3……huh??? This is so insulting to Brett Brown that he had to spend a 15 minute conversation with this clown who mainly has a problem with Hinkie because Sam doesn’t give him the time of day. Andy Reid gave Eskin unlimited access and Eskin was his lapdog for years. Chip isn’t so media friendly and that’s why Eskin doesn’t play as nice with him but slurped fat andy for a decade. Howard also seems to believe that there is this unruly mob of fans with pitchforks at sixers headquarters, like he’s trying represent the thousands of angry sixer fans who want Hinkie gone when really he just has that scenario dreamed up in his head. It’s pretty fascinating to watch actually. Eskin was a huge Doug Collins fan btw, i wonder if he prayed for Andrew Bynum’s knees

  15. Too many words in these comments. Don’t tell me the comments section sucks now too.

  16. Remember when he called Roy Halladay a phony and a fraud cuz he wouldn’t give him an interview at a charity event or something? Good for him, Halladay is a polished turd to Philadelphia fans so at least he has the brainpower to do it for us.

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