Jason Kelce Slams Dumb Punter for Opening Dumb Punter Mouth


This weekend, loudmouth punter Steve Weatherford compared the Eagles’ quarterbacks to cars. Here’s what he said on the “Boomer and Carton Show”:

“I’m gonna give you a Ferrari [Bradford] that maybe won’t be running all the time, or I’m giving you a nice Cadillac sedan [Sanchez]. It’s not the fastest but you know what you’re going to get out of it. Bradford can go from 0 to 60 in three seconds, but you don’t know if he’s gonna start up some days.”

“Chip Kelly will get himself in serious trouble if they get an extension for [Bradford]”

He later tried to walk back his (kind of accurate) comments, but none of that matters because Jason Kelce has recorded a fatality. #everyman


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    1. Ey yo Matt good looks mayn u mayd yaboi jaccpot dat lejun status #1of1 #Meracle

  1. Still nothing on me being such a horrible player and person that the Kings would rather take a huge cap hit until 2025 than pay me to stay on the team?

    1. Hopefully he gets his life together. It’s a shame drug use derailed a promising career

  2. So tired of Kelce. This is the same tough guy who bullied a fan with a sign right?

  3. Is there a bigger Chip Kelly lap dog than Kelce? Maybe hipster-doofus Conner Barwin, but everything the punter said was true.

  4. I had a dream that I got drafted by the damn Sixers. That was some scary shit right there.

    1. Don’t worry sad one, I’m going to use you to parlay many future second round draft picks. My goal is to acquire the entire second round for 2017.

    1. Includes Bobby Hoying, Jeff Garcia, Michael Vick and Nick Foles. He’ll be wearing a Bradford jersey by Week 3.

  5. Dodge is not wrong…if anything he gave Bradford some high praise…Bradford needs to prove he can stay healthy. We all know what Sanchez is. Tebow stinks.

    That said, well done Kelce.

  6. I’m shocked that Weatherford didn’t use the ol’ tried & true Philly is a “dump”, and Eagles fans are “psychos” or “animals”.

    1. Hey, how did dodge get out of my gate!?!?!?!?!?

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