Jim Cramer and I Are Going to Have a Very Serious Business Conversation

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I’m listening, Jim

So this makes no sense: Friendly neighborhood sports blogger gets 30 minutes to talk capital B Business with the world’s most renowned business and financial personality, Jim Cramer.

It’s all part of new initiative by Philly Mag’s BizPhilly called The Hookup, where they “pair mentors with successful business people so they can share lessons learned and help entrepreneurs get to the next step.” I had to send in a two-minute video pitch (0% chance I’m posting that here for the mongrel commenters) describing the business, challenges faced, and questions I’d want to ask Jim (who, among his many other accomplishments, founded the incredibly successful TheStreet.com in 1996). Today, BizPhilly editor Jared Shelly announced that I won.

So, to recap: A couple of months ago, during his 10th anniversary show, Jim talked to Tim Cook, the CEO of the most valuable company in the history of Earth – Apple – and soon, he’ll talk to me about how to better monetize selfie videos and grow my empire that’s constructed atop layers of sophomoric innuendo. God bless the USA. GET ME GREENWOOD:

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18 Responses

  1. are the people who’ve gotten you this far….don’t bite the hand that feeds you, mr. big stuff.

    1. Benny, DEAD ON! about Bear Sterns. For those that do not know this Cramer scam, in March of 08, Cramer was taking calls for his Mad Money show and a caller asked about Bear Sterns. “Totally safe” Kramer says. The very next day, it drops from $58.00 to $2.00 and Cramer says that night he was talking about bank deposits in Bear Sterns and not the stock price. Total B.S. as all his show as buying and selling stock. Truly believe that he scammed the public and stalled for time to get his money out of Bear. NBC should have investigated him and this pick. He knew the stock was crashing the next day.

  2. Get Cramers views on Phillies ownership running the organization into the ground despite a multi billion dollar Comcast deal and a financially supportive fan base.

  3. Good thing Cramer’s good at the self promotion thing because his stock picking acumen sucks ballz.

  4. How in the world did you beat out “The Philly Influencer”?? I demand a recount! I’m sure his videos will some year get a couple dozen views to monetize.

  5. How the hell did you get selected as a “successful business person” in the entire goddamn city? Your business consist of nothing more than blogspam. Literally taking other people’s content, adding just enough to claim it’s original, then plastering ads around the site. Your “model” isn’t unique or remotely original.

  6. Here’s your first piece of advice: hire a fucking proofreader. “Mike Schmidt Days” lol. You want to become the local Gawker yet everyone of your posts has at least one typo.

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