Joel Embiid Is Hurt Again

Uh oh. Is Embiid the new Bynum?

Adrian Wojanarowowowowowsksisksiskski reporting for Yahoo!:

After weeks of rigorous workouts, Embiid had not felt pain in the foot, but a recent CT scan revealed an issue in the healing process, sources said. Philadelphia is consulting with doctors on how to best proceed, and it’s still premature to speculate on the possibility of another surgical procedure that could sideline Embiid, sources said.

Embiid had been expected to participate with Sixers’ summer league teams in July, but that could jeopardized now, sources said. For now, it is too soon to tell how long Embiid will be kept out.

Well that’s not good. At all. In any way, shape, or form. 

Related: Someone tell Howard Eskin that stroking yourself in public is frowned upon these days. 

UPDATE: Wait, Embiid’s doctor’s name is Dick Ferkel? That’s awesome. 

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15 Responses

  1. All 12 of you sixers fans deserve this. Picking up injured players, trying to get cute in the draft. This team is never going to get enough talent together to peak at the right time to win anything.

    1. Much like the Eagles offseason. Ironic comment.

      NBA is a joke anyway. Teams aren’t going anywhere without a superstar on their team. You need that Lebron/Kobe esk player to get you over the top.

    2. And how many championships have they won by doing things the old way? Getting the 7/8 seed picking in the middle of the first round signing top notch free agents such as Bynum, Brand, Van Horn, Webber (and yes im being sarcastic by calling them top free agents)etc…. crippling the team in cap hell with ridiculous contracts and hiring/firing new coaches every couple seasons.

      Listen Howard we know your mad that Hinke won’t kiss your ass but there’s nothing wrong with accepting a new approach.

    3. The fans don’t draft these players so to say they deserve this maybe a little harsh

  2. I think all of the owners of Philly sports teams should be sacrificed by fire like my kid. Speaking of fire, anything on the roast?

  3. This announcement allows for two things:

    1) Allows Hinkie to make it easier on the crowd to legitimize the drafting of Kristaps Porzingis. Embiid out, whats the point of a dime a dozen PG, get the 7′ Latvian kid that can shoot the 3 that I did more homework on than anyone on Earth.

    2) Gives relief to Sixers fan if they still draft Russell or Mudiay. Hey, situation can’t be that bad if we’re still taking the PG, Embiid should be alright.

  4. Cant believe you idiots are thinking Harris is trying to improve the team. I fooled you once. Mr. Hedgefund is stealing from my playbook. So long soon, suckers.

  5. This big stiff is more worried about Twitter, smoking the weed and hanging with dirty p0rn stars over getting on the floor.
    $$ for nothing and chicks for free!!!

  6. I Don’t believe a word of this……yet. They are putting the guy through rigorous workouts,he’s doing between the legs dunks and there has been a lot of people who have already said he’s ready to go. And now all of a sudden there’s a report he’s “not healing as quickly as anticipated”??? Wouldn’t they have not been working him out then? They didn’t realize he was “not healing properly” months ago? And why would the Sixers even release this to the public, and it’s fishy that they decided to do it two weeks before the draft. I think this is Sam letting other teams know they are still in play for a big man just to keep everyone guessing. As of last week it was pretty much a forgone conclusion, at least in general, that they had their sights set on Russell. Their daring the Lakers to take the guard they desire, by letting the league know they may still need to replace Embiid.

  7. Can we please stop using the “B” word? Ok, the kid likes to use herbal aids to relax, but Bynum was a straight-up heist of the Sixers and everybody in the Delaware Valley via our cable bill. He did his last workout in Los Angeles. He was laughing before he got off the plane. Greg Oden would be a better cliche to wear out.

  8. So the conventional wisdom in Hinkeyville is…. that it was still a brilliant move to select Embiid despite evidence that big men with bad feet are fragile and those who pointed this out in REAL TIME are the real idiots?

    Can’t wait until Harris sells team in 2017.

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