Ladies and Gentlemen, Former Sixer Mo Speights

mo speezy

It’s not even the missed dunk, it’s the “fifth grader dribbling with his off-hand” focus he has during those two dribbles. It’s just so beautiful. Mo Speights: Bad at both dunk driving and drunk driving.

Vine after the jump.

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13 Responses

  1. The following LeBron haters can kiss his natural bl ack ass:

    Ike Reese
    Phil from Mt. Airy
    Howard Eskin
    Anthony Gargano
    Johnny Marks

  2. The following LeBron supporters should be commended for showing bravery in the face of all the hatred,mockery and ridicule from the miserable sons of b itches,who wake up with hate their blood:

    Mike Missanelli
    Matt Lombardo
    Eytan Shander
    Joe Giglio
    Stephen A Smith

    Keep up the good work fellas,and you most definitely will be blessed from my personal Lord and Savior(King James).

    1. Coincidentally, that’s the same list of people nominated for the Biggest Douche in Sports ESPY, along with Ursula, the Giant Douche of course. Stephen A should still win though.

  3. Anyone else notice the game clock stop when he “dunked” it for a minute? Even the clock operator was like “fuckin seriously brah?”

  4. What’s up with all these weekend posts???

    1. Hate her rabbit ears she has in her hair if I’m thinking about the same ho

  5. Let me tell ya something OK,OK!!. Mo Speights is an example why Sam Hinkie is a genius. Let me tell ya something Mo Speights is a clown, he always was clown, always will be a clown. Look at the all around potential of Hinkies big men so far Joel Embiid + Nerlens Noels. Terrific defenders who have the possibility to both become hall of famers.

    Mark my words. Hinkie will win 5 championships in the next 10 years. You heard it here first. As always its a pleasure.

  6. Wait, so the cops didn’t shoot him, tackle him, choke him, or sever his spine? Al Sharpton told me that police hate black people.

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