Malik Rose is Offered College Coaching Job, Turns it Down Almost Immediately


In the midst of reporting middling trades, rumors, and draft prognostications, Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a Woj Bomb of a different kind just over six hours ago: Mailk Rose, currently a key part of the Sixers’ beloved 3Ms broadcast team (Molly, Malik, Marc), was offered a job on Avery Johnson’s University of Alabama staff. The offer was to be Johnson’s “special assistant to the head coach” – or “special assistant head coach,” if you’re Dwight Schrute – basically a first step in the door of coaching. Woj reported that Rose was expected to make a decision sometime over the weekend. But it didn’t take nearly that long.

According to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman, Rose has already declined the job, refusing to let Avery Johnson be the Yoko who breaks up the 3Ms. In turning the job down, I assume Rose told Johnson that now is not the time to get into coaching, or that he’s gonna focus on climbing the broadcasting ladder… or he just texted a picture of himself with his broadcast partners, Marc and Molly, and said, “You know.”

pic via the recently married (congrats!) Molly Sullivan's Twitter
pic via the recently married (congrats!) Molly Sullivan’s Twitter

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  1. Thank goodness, this draft is already shaping up to be a giant letdown because the Kings and George Karl are fucking morons….Who is the lucky bastard that married Molly?

    1. Some dude she just started dating around New Year’s. Wonder if they got hitched at Shotgun Pete’s

  2. I also hate auto paper towel dispensers that dont work no matter how fervently you wave your hands

  3. Molly Sullivan is the only thing that can get us through these 60+ loss seasons, as they need to sign her to long-term deal.

  4. Any update on the scuffle between Josh Innes and Steve Trevelise the other day? It got pretty heated.

    1. I was there for that….work in sales at IP….Innes got his fat butt killed.

      Andy’s gonna sweep this under the rug like he does w/ everything Josh does. He pulls so much S. But ratings are good, so…..

  5. Either Marc and Malik are holding hands or each of them have a finger or two up her poop chute.

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