Mike Richards Was Released by Kings for Breach of Contract

Photo credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Not bought out. Straight-up released. Kings statement:

“The Los Angeles Kings today have exercised the team’s right to terminate the contract of Mike Richards for a material breach of the requirements of his Standard Player’s Contract. We are not prepared to provide any more detail or to discuss the underlying grounds for the contract termination at this time.”

Whoa. Not sure the last time I’ve seen a player straight-up released for breach of contract. Wonder if it had something to do with his off-ice habits?

Now, the Kings were on the hook for a hefty $14 million buyout and cap hit. So they had the incentive to find an angle here, but me thinks Richie’s about to lawyer up.

Somewhere, Paul Holmgren has himself a good, maniacal laugh.

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I bet there’s about to be a lot more to this story.


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  1. I always missed Richard’s commercials.

    “I can’t wait to meet you”

    subtext: I FUCKING HATE YOU

  2. I got six mil in cap space and a no trade clause burning a hole in my pocket. Call me Richie!

  3. Can’t believe the Flyers once made this guy their captain. It was pretty obvious from his bad attitude and aloofness that he lacked character.

    1. In 2005, Mike Richards was named team captain for Team Canada for the World Juniors. The team won gold for the first time since 1997.

      His teammates on that team included: Sidney Crosby, Brent Seabrook, Dion Phaneuf, Shea Weber, Jeff Carter, Ryan Getzlaf, Andrew Ladd, Corey Perry and Patrice Bergeron.

      1. Worse captain in Flyers’ history outside of the short tenures of Hatcher and Forsberg. An all around bad dude and an over-rated player. More hype than substance. Had a decent run in 2010 against the 8th seeded Canadiens and then vanished in the Finals. Always was outplayed–badly–in playoffs by Crosby whenever the Flyers and Penguins met. Only won in LA because he went there and became a supporting player to better, more talented and harder working players, oh, and they had Jonathon Quick.

        What team will even give this dude a chance now it is official that LA has terminated him because of his poor work ethic, terrible attitude and God only knows what off-ice activities and habits he’s gotten himself wrapped up in?

        Maybe if he wasn’t handed everything in his career and had to work for it it wouldn’t have turned out like this.

        Screw ‘im.

        1. Mike Richards has won a Memorial Cup, a Calder Cup, World Junior Gold Medal, Olympic Gold Medal and 2 Stanley Cups.

          In 2010, he captained a 7th seed to the Finals. He captained a team back from an 0-3 lead.

          It does not appear as though he has had everything handed to him.

          1. The 0-3 to the Bruins was tainted since 7 Bruins got hurt over the first three games. Once Krecji went down (on a cheap shot from Richards, so, yeah, there you go: his big contribution to that series) the Bruins had no other player left that could score.

            When the Bruins were healthy the following season they massacred The Richards lead Flyers in the playoffs.

            1. So your argument that Richards wasn’t that good is that all he did in the series against the Bruins was deliver the key hit that turned around the entire series?

              And that if Richards doesn’t make that hit, the Bruins win the series?

              I really hope you do not plan on going to law school some day.

        2. If every captain who got outplayed by Sidney Crosby is terrible, there are a lot of terrible captains in this league.

  4. I know a chick that used to work at tavern on broad that Richie once did a line off her puss

    1. Meh, now if this chick blew some snow up Richie’s ass because his nose was stuffed up, that would be something to brag about.

  5. Never forget seeing Richie coked up out of his mind at encore in Vegas few summers back. Wish he gave me some

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  7. Don’t forget teammate Stoll just got busted for drugs. And they live in l.a. they got swallowed up.

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