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NFL Films has always been the perfect combination of sports and history. The narration of the game by such legendary voices as John Facenda and Harry Kalas, along with the music composed by Sam Spence, changed the way sports could be viewed and presented. NFL Films has never failed in bringing the game to life whether it was the 1960s or this past season. And since the NFL season is so short when compared to other professional sports, the history of the game can take on greater significance in the long offseason. When I’m watching games from the past, it sometimes has nothing to do with what is happening on the field. It could be the crowd or the announcers that has my attention, or the overall television presentation of the game. It’s very interesting to see the evolution of not only the actual game, but the style of it as well. This is why I believe a weekly historical RedZone program – RedZone Classic – would be something all NFL fans would love.

Imagine NFL Films editing together a week’s worth of games from a past year? Each week, this show would be broadcast on a Tuesday night during the season. They would produce it like if the RedZone was actually a thing during that time period. The only real change would be editing it down to an hour or two worth of highlights. This would result in the show being about the notable players and plays of that particular week rather than every single red zone play. The scoring would still be shown in sequential order. The storylines of the day would hopefully be explored whether by the announcer or info, facts, and stats that would pop up on the bottom of the screen. Beginning in Week 1, NFL films would randomly pick a year or have a fan vote. They would show that year’s week 1 games. They would do this weekly for all 17 weeks. Each week would be the same corresponding week as the current season, just from that particular year. You would have everything from the pregame shows all the way up until the games. With 2009 and up you could use the actual real RedZone from that year. It would be a great way to explore past seasons of football. As the week’s go on and the season gets longer you could really find some interesting story lines of years past.

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