Philly Cabbie Thinks He Might Have Driven Around Escaped Murderers from New York

Those two escaped prisoners form New York, whose prison break would be kinda admirable if they weren’t terrible murderers(?), might have been in Philly. According to NBC10:

The cab driver told police he picked up two men who matched the descriptions of 48-year-old Richard Matt and 34-year-old David Sweat at Broad and Vine streets around 4:15 a.m. Thursday.

The taxi dropped the men off at 30th Street Station in downtown Philadelphia.

The cabbie worked two more fares and then called 911, police said. The driver told police the men he dropped off at 30th Street Station looked like Sweat and Matt.

The whole “two more fares and then called 911” thing looks bad, but it makes sense. They struggle with common sense communication. The only time a Philly cabbie has ever looked me in the face is when they turn around to say that they’re so sorry but their card machine is definitely not fake broken, and they want cash.

File under: couldn’t have done this if it were Uber.

UPDATE: Wasn’t them, just some other weirdos.


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    1. seriously Jim your fake “update” was already out before you even started to post this story. no need to post this at all after it was already confirmed this morning that they were not the same guys.

  1. Did you hear about the new movie coming out? Its called Subway: the Story of Jarred.

    Starring Josh Innes as ‘Fat” Jarred.

  2. Truth be told, these two are fearless and been around the most hardened criminals – all murderers. However when you are around the natives at Broad and Vine, even these guys got scared and had to get outta there.

    1. Hey, boring fat white dude from the burbs, You should really try visiting Philadelphia some time.

  3. Speaking of murderers, can someone arrest Innes and Bruno for murdering my ratings?

    If this keeps up it’s going to get very punchy over here.

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