Pictorial: Eagles Cheerleaders Are in Mexico for Their Calendar Shoot

pic via Eagles Twitter
pic via Eagles Twitter

The Eagles sent their cheerleaders to Mexico for their calendar shoot because football is a glorious sport. Here are the pictures they’ve been tweeting out. Turns out the lighting on Isla Mujeres is better than at the Kimmel Center.

Photos after the jump.

all pics via (@EaglesCheer)

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  1. The lighting in the Kimmel center wasn’t the problem…the flip phone camera from 2001 that they used to take those pictures was the problem.

    This is nice.


  2. Usually I have to take three viagra to get my geriatric junk working. These cheerleaders are so hot I think I’ll only need two.

  3. Hey ladies! Julio and I would like to give you some rare di-a-monds. ALLO ALLO!

  4. Got to get some of these ladies to the bubble bath at Steven Singer’s next Friday. Would love to hear creepy Steve singer & Angelo slobber all over them

  5. how bout a follow up post on me detailing how bad my life has been spiraling downward.
    2$ domestics at pitches pub tonight

    1. Come on their little buddy, you got that whole “Philly Influencer” thing happening right? Yea, on second thought, you have it the skids with no end in sight. Well at least Mike Miss will be joing you shortly, so there is always that.

  6. Cheerleaders are such a fucking waste. Sure, they are nice to look at, but during a game they are nothing but a distraction.

  7. Time for the Radio Wars update.

    You have a better chance of Innes yanking your junk that any of these hoes.

  8. I like how none of them look like they’re anorexic. Maybe that trend is finally over.

  9. They look so local. Did they go to skin palette? Wait can’t talk about them because Kyle is doing them both.

  10. Pretty nice, there are at least 5 girls in that squad whose shitters I would eat out.

  11. Where are all the MALE cheerleaders??? As soon as I get Chip’s c0-ck out of my mouth, I will go ask Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu nephew Howie….
    Gold Standard…………go fuck yourself you dicksmoking Juuuuuuuuuuuuu

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