Mike Missanelli, today, going after Josh Innes and Tony Bruno, again:

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“Let’s bleed in on the other station, see what they’re talking about:

Missanelli Missanelli Missanelli, Bitchanelli Bitchanelli Bitchanelli. Alright let’s go to a commercial, you have anything to say Tony?

No I don’t have anything to say I’m just lucky I have a job.

Okay, let’s get back to me: Missanelli Missanelli Missanelli, Bitchanelli Bitchanelli Bitchanelli. We’ll be back with more after this.

I mean, please. There’s a lot of propaganda that’s out there, don’t believe nonsense and propaganda, and apparently Tony Bruno has a lot of crap to say on Twitter these days Martinez. And let me straighten this out about Tony Bruno, because I’ve had enough now. Tony Bruno is a rat, okay. And he actually … apparently on his Twitter he tells lies that he was actually number one here midday. He never, at any point, was number one here, unless he confuses number one with number seven. Alright? That’s the bottom line. He was brought here to do a four-hour show. Management around here soon realized he couldn’t do four hours because he’s ADD off-the-wall all over the place that they couldn’t focus him on doing two damn hours, much less four. Right? So when push comes to shove, his ratings weren’t good, they go ‘We’d like to keep you but now we’ve got to offer you this.’ And he gets all bent out of shape like he invented radio and then he leaves and all he does is trash people here, and trash personnel who work here and then with no job he has to beg the other station for a job, to become a flunky to some fatass out of towner with man boobs. There you go, I’ll just lay it right out there what Tony Bruno’s about.

Now as far as the other kid goes, please, come on. A kid who got beat up on the schoolyard every day of his life, kid who was afraid to take his t-shirt off in phys. ed class because he had manboobs. A kid that’s never played a sport in his life. A Howard Stern imitator. He’s what’s bringing you to sports talk radio in Philadelphia? Please. Like I said before, if that’s what you want out of sports talk radio, and a year from now if they got high ratings, salud. Good luck to you. But I love this story that this kid is denying the fact, when Anthony got in his face over there, cause the kid had a habit of ripping his own people over there on the radio station, and Anthony got in his face and the kid turned white as a sheet and almost peed himself. And he’s saying that didn’t happen. I know for a fact it happened. So keep your Bitchanelli, keep doing it. Knock yourself out. We appreciate your business. If you’ve got no content other than that, well that’s great. Philadelphia deserves you.”

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Missanelli just found whatever it was that he used to take down Howard Eskin. Godspeed, everyone. We’re all about to become collateral damage. PLAY US OUT:

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