RADIO WARS: Mike Missanelli Found The Launch Codes


Mike Missanelli, today, going after Josh Innes and Tony Bruno, again:

Audio 97.5 The Fanatic

“Let’s bleed in on the other station, see what they’re talking about:

Missanelli Missanelli Missanelli, Bitchanelli Bitchanelli Bitchanelli. Alright let’s go to a commercial, you have anything to say Tony?

No I don’t have anything to say I’m just lucky I have a job.

Okay, let’s get back to me: Missanelli Missanelli Missanelli, Bitchanelli Bitchanelli Bitchanelli. We’ll be back with more after this.

I mean, please. There’s a lot of propaganda that’s out there, don’t believe nonsense and propaganda, and apparently Tony Bruno has a lot of crap to say on Twitter these days Martinez. And let me straighten this out about Tony Bruno, because I’ve had enough now. Tony Bruno is a rat, okay. And he actually … apparently on his Twitter he tells lies that he was actually number one here midday. He never, at any point, was number one here, unless he confuses number one with number seven. Alright? That’s the bottom line. He was brought here to do a four-hour show. Management around here soon realized he couldn’t do four hours because he’s ADD off-the-wall all over the place that they couldn’t focus him on doing two damn hours, much less four. Right? So when push comes to shove, his ratings weren’t good, they go ‘We’d like to keep you but now we’ve got to offer you this.’ And he gets all bent out of shape like he invented radio and then he leaves and all he does is trash people here, and trash personnel who work here and then with no job he has to beg the other station for a job, to become a flunky to some fatass out of towner with man boobs. There you go, I’ll just lay it right out there what Tony Bruno’s about.

Now as far as the other kid goes, please, come on. A kid who got beat up on the schoolyard every day of his life, kid who was afraid to take his t-shirt off in phys. ed class because he had manboobs. A kid that’s never played a sport in his life. A Howard Stern imitator. He’s what’s bringing you to sports talk radio in Philadelphia? Please. Like I said before, if that’s what you want out of sports talk radio, and a year from now if they got high ratings, salud. Good luck to you. But I love this story that this kid is denying the fact, when Anthony got in his face over there, cause the kid had a habit of ripping his own people over there on the radio station, and Anthony got in his face and the kid turned white as a sheet and almost peed himself. And he’s saying that didn’t happen. I know for a fact it happened. So keep your Bitchanelli, keep doing it. Knock yourself out. We appreciate your business. If you’ve got no content other than that, well that’s great. Philadelphia deserves you.”

Voila_Capture 2015-06-11_04-53-22_PM

Missanelli just found whatever it was that he used to take down Howard Eskin. Godspeed, everyone. We’re all about to become collateral damage. PLAY US OUT:

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    1. Instead of Philly roasts, how about Philly celebrity boxing? I’m neutral here, but have no doubt Mike Miss would beat the living shit out of Innes.

      1. I dream of the day either one of those meatballs Cataldi or Missanelli would come at me. Come at me Bro.

        1. Cataldi? He is basically a girl (Caitlyn Cataldi?). That guy would run and hide behind his wife if someone came after him.

    2. Anybody know any good nudie bars in Philly that does extras???
      I been getting horned up lately seeing all these chicks in summer outfits

    3. Here is what I can tell you. Tony was not in studio today and Josh is not happy with Tony and Miss Robin after what she posted on Facebook, and featured on this site, about the identity of the Tony’s stalker. Not to mention the BS claims tony made about having good ratings at the fanatic. From inside WIP josh allies, and they are limited, are saying he is very concerned about Bruno and Miss Robins activity on social media. Josh claims on the air to be honest with the audience and tony telling lies about his past ratings will ultimately hurt Josh’s credibility to the audience.

        1. Number 1, I am larger than the right man boob.

          Number 2, irregardless is not a word.

    4. I prefer a Philly born and raised guy on OUR radio. Until a decent replacement shows up, I hope Innes destroys Bitchanelli. Bitchanelli is a race trader D-bag and when he turned his show into a platform to pontificate on race, he lost me. I hope Bitchanelli is out of a job before RIley Cooper, and Cooper needs to be replaced ASAP by a guy who can catch AND break tackles.

  1. Gonna be bussing tables at Pitcher’s Pub from 6-close tonight. Come on by and say hi!

  2. Does anyone really listen to either station anymore?? They are both so bad. I only listen during football season.

    1. Can’t stand either… I check in on Monday’s on the one station to hear Ray Diddy and the other to hear Sal Pal.

      1. Right, because paid rumor monger Sal is so connected as a sideline stooge for ESPN.

        1. I try to think back, was Sal always was as douchey as his current douchey self? I mean, it doesn’t take a salesman from The Holman Auto Group to see that Sal is so full of himself that he eyes can only fixate on his own balls. I used to look forward to his Tuesday insights, but now all i hear is a bunch of rumor mongering wafflation. The word wafflation is real. I knew i was coming on here today, so I had my people dig up this great tidbit for you, because i always like to bring my best when i talk to you. Have a great night, and don’t forget to visit my pals over there at the Holman Auto Group.

    2. I think that will be the real test – who wins the ratings during football season. And honestly, I can’t see innes hanging with mm there. I can’t stand either, but at least missanelli isn’t ALWAYS an annoying dipshit.

      1. I disagree. Bitchanelli is ALWAYS annoying. Unless, he gets knocked out on live radio while trying to be a wannabe tough guy. THAT would be entertaining.

  3. The beginning of the end. Mike said he would never stoop to this level.
    Second level thinking and looking within tells us Mikey is cracking. The egotistical punk is mortified he is losing to Bruno.

    1. Yo cuz, Why the fuck did I come to this freaking amateur shit show bo! If you can’t beat em, join em. Not awesome dude.

    2. Getcha popcorn ready. Bet 975 sales dopes aren’t putting Mikey anywhere on remote for a while. Lots of video cameras would catch his antics like the one at 23 East in Ardmore. Wish Kyle would find and post that.

      1. I’m picturing this comment being read by mcw & loling

  4. Innes is going to go insane. Litereally insane. He’s going to take this to an entirely personal level with Mike that will go beyond the boundaries of the respective shows.

    I’m guessing something about this daughter. Innes is sick in the head and very fat and very full of himself.

    1. Good Point. Although it’s punishment enough to have Bitchanelli for a sperm donor, it would be great to have Innes release dirt on Bitchanelli’s kid. I’d love to hear Bitchanelli’s reaction if he found out is daughter was being gang banged by black dudes in college in line with Bitchanellis view on race. The apple doesn’t fall from the retarded tree.

      1. If Innes starts dragging people’s family members into this, he and the station could get into legal problems. It would not surprise me that he would stoop that low – he would stab anyone in the back and step over anyone to get ahead. But I don’t think WIP would be happy if they got stuck with a slander lawsuit. If anyone is a race-baiter it is Innes. I do not know why people hate Missenelli just because he is not a racist unless they are themselves. Innes is a real racist and misogynist.

  5. Mike was jealous of Tony, plain and simple. Tony had a huge following ands a successful show. Missanelli was jealous of him and that’s why they ended the crossovers.

    1. Mikes jealousy has been obvious from day 1. He obviously is counting on people forgetting that he got fired from WIP then failed both on WMMR (pre Preston & Steve) & in NYC on some Sports station. 975 is the only station he’s succeeded at & now he’s losing that. What is he going to do, fall back on his failed law degree?
      Yet Bruno has suceeded everywhere EXCEPT perhaps 975.

      1. Bruno is unlistenable. He brings nothing to the table. Maybe he was good once (before I ever heard him) but he’s lost “whatever” he had. He’s an empty shell and a side kick to a moron. It baffles me why anyone would listen to Innes. I tuned in for 2 seconds and they went on and on and on about MM. I thought “what kind of radio and unprofessionalism is this”?

        I used to love the crossovers because Bruno was so clueless.

        1. You might have a point. Maybe the success of Innes/Bruno isabout people hating Missanelli more that it’s about loving Innes.? I’m not a massive fan of either show. I used to enjoy Mike before realizing how much of a coward, fake tough guy, and D-bag he is.

  6. I just want to add how bad that weasel Martinez is, he honestly might be the reason they are losing ratings. He blows Missinelli, is a shit stain Flyers fan (the kool aid one) and adds zero to the show. He might be the bigger reason I stopped listening.

    1. Right on Cuz. Martinez is no dummy. Kiss Mikeys ass or he will eventually kill you and your kids bro.

    2. But his wife has huge breasts and looks good in a bikini. So he wins there.

      1. Pics?!

        I can’t imagine Martinez pulling in a hottie, plus doesn’t he have like 4 kids. She must be a magician to look good in a bikini after that.

  7. Must admit good comeback—but makes him look like a fraud he doesn’t talk about other stations”— I think he honestly believed they had zero shot of beating him—-things just got interesting

  8. Does Balloonhead Innes wear a bra? Those sugar tits will give him serious back problems if he doesn’t.

      1. Think he is shopping a 1 am game show on publuc access tv since Sugar House didn’t even want that college level Pheud shit shoe.

  9. I sense an epic mikey meltdown coming soon and I’m looking forward to it greatly. On another note, Bruno goes on TV with Olbermann?? That slob is the only guy that’s gotten fired in media more times than little mikey.

    1. I hate Oberdouche even more than Bitchanelli. Both should be locked in a room together until they die.

  10. Kyle, you must be like a kid on Christmas today but instead of regular Christmas, you have a magical tree that keeps on giving you new presents.

  11. It’s great. The curtain has been pulled back and everyone wants to know what has been going on behind the curtain.

  12. If this keeps up Kyle will be able to buy a boat and call it the “S.S. Radio Wars”

    1. Arrgh, the sea be a dangerous mistress and Kyle be too much of a puss to set foot in’er. Arrgh.

  13. Lefty is telling Donnie that Nicky was a rat because Sonny Black said he was. That’s Mike talking about Tony and Martinez agreeing.

  14. If innes really wants to hit mike with a real blow, he should bring up mikes ex wife having an affair with theyre neighbor while living in lower merion back in the early 90s

    1. Hi, i’m Joe Cordell. Ah remember this particular case vary well. Unless you’re in Mizzoruh or Illiniois, i’m not lah-censed in yer state. Don’t worry, we have other attorneys who are.

      1. I know this has been used numerous times on many different posts, but this shit cracks me up every time I see it. I hate those fucking commercials.

    2. Bro….give us some details here. Come on, that’s way too juicy of a nugget to just throw out there without elaboration.

    3. I have a police officer friend who got called out to his house several times. Too bad his ex never pressed charges so it would be public record.

  15. THAT’S A THREE BALL…..MIKE….MISS….AH…NELLLLLLIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ….josh….ennis…..for three….

  16. Innes and Bruno heard about this right after it went down. I was at the station. They were laughing because they knew this would only mean more publicity and it would be good for them. They can come back on Mike even harder now.

    Those 2 really don’t care about anything except for ratings. Well, Josh does. He runs the show. Tony is just along for the ride and happy to still be quasi relevant.

    The business people at the station are thrilled with this because of the ratings. The other hosts and sports guys are not. They are embarrassed and actively hate Josh.

    1. Whoever you are, you aren’t a WIP insider bcuz if you were you’d know that Tony wasn’t in studio today. He Talked On the air about being in NY for tbe Olberman Show. 975 plant Fraud.

    2. You didn’t hear shit shrimp dick. Some douchebag mike called in and told them what the other station was saying. You lying sack of shit

  17. What would you do if you woke up and paul jolovitz was laying next to you breathing in your ear?

    1. That would probably mean I am suffocating because his fat gullet is covering my nose and mouth

  18. Personally I have a much bigger problem with Kyle going to Taylor Swift then I do Mike listening at Alt Rock.

  19. Kyle in the interest of fairness you should disclose that you are Mrs. Nellie’s dog and you guys are buds, thats the first rule in journalism, IMPATIALITY. Mrs. Nellie is horrible, knows nothing if google goes down, leans on Markitas for everything and his show is a snoozefest. TRIVIA THURSDAY & Lebron. He sucks, is scared of EGGS and really has a lot of STRANGE THINGS TO SAY. I cant stand him !

  20. I heard from buddy who works in sales for WIP that josh trolls mike miss for an easy way to get ratings & mike miss is playing right into it. Don’t take the bait Mike!!!!

  21. FYI no matter what Kyle says, ratings aren’t EVERYTHING. Ad sales are what drive the radio industry, and 97.5 is still dominating there. Businesses are very hesitant to align themselves with the “clowns” on WIP. Missanelli and Gargano are known commodities that sponsors feel comfortable with; as evidenced by Valley Green Bank, Primos, etc. jumping ship with Gargano. Take it or leave it, just what I’m hearing that these “ratings wins” aren’t translating into $$$

    1. Between both stations, I can’t imagine how much money Steven Singer is spending on advertising. There is one of his pussy rants playing after every commercial break.

    2. Dude. What the fuck you talking about? Bruno has almost all his old accounts & then some? 975 is running commercials begging for advertisers! Missanelli is the only one bringing in any $ over there. Gargano obviously took some of his advertisers, but they ain’t staying with #s like that!

    3. total lies. WIP bills 50 times what 975 does. Bruno has over a dozen huge accounts at IP while mush mouth Gargano will pimp crappy hoagie and a 2 bit bank. Nice try. Any legit sales person bailed 975 and went to real stations after they fired the sales mgr 2 years ago.

      1. This might be the funniest thing in the comments. I haven’t heard WIP advertise that they had “great rates” for commercials since 1980. You’ll hear 10 of them on 97.5 today.

  22. i will teabag missanelli on youtube unless he acknowledges he got asswhipped in the ratings


  24. I can’t stand Inness but I’m glad to see Missanelli losing and starting to crack under the pressure because he’s a pompous ass. I emailed him a year ago and said his show was stale and he needed to stop with the same subjects everyday like ‘arguing with the Lebron haters.’ He emailed me back and said he knows how to get ratings and people like me don’t understand what it takes to be #1 in the market. Oh the irony about his statements on air today!

      1. Aren’t there more attractive women available for CSN? Although, if you have a nose fetish…

        1. Leila Rahimi isn’t bad looking, but that voice! Maybe worse then Leslie Gudel? Amy Fadool is cute, but never shuts up when she does Philly Sports Talk. Jen Daniels is OK, but stutters through SportsRise every night.

          1. “Amy Fadool is cute, but never shuts up when she does Philly Sports Talk”

            I agree 100%. Girl never shuts the fuck up and always interjects when someone is trying to make a point. Know your role woman!

  25. This pales in comparison to the Stern – DiBella war in the ’90s. I think Mike is dead on about Bruno being ADD. God bless Harry Mayes working with his lame ass and trying to keep him on point. I guess NBC SportsRadio is the next stop for this “legend”.

  26. I think 97.5 should be like this
    6-10 Anthony
    10 – 2 Harry & Rob Ellis
    2-6 Missanelli with Jon Mark
    6-10 -Lombardo
    10-12 Brace bring him back

    1. Unless someone can resurrect Steve-O, Missanelli is incapable of co-hosting with anyone.

  27. Fortunately I don’t listen to either one. If this “war” is what is bringing in ratings from 1-6 pm it is pretty sad. Neither is No. 1 overall so who really cares?

  28. ” Despite what you read at Crossing Broad ”

    ” This is the War Room….there’s no fighting in the War Room ”
    – Dr Strangelove

  29. Until that shit stain Shander is gone, I refuse to listen to 97.5. Criticize him on twitter, he comments on your number of followers and blocks you. Like a little bitch. Fucktard loser.

  30. Enuff about this boring old radio wars stuff.

    Can we get back to talking Iggles OTAs, what Buffalo Shady said 2 months ago & whether Tim Tebow will make football team as a 3rd stringer.

    THIS IS URGENT. Football season is only 3 months away.


    1. I need my Eagles OTA fix, as I have to know how these guys are playing without pads. I heard Bradford was looking great on those 7 on 7 drills, granted there was no pass rush. I have to watch QuickSlants tonight on Comcast as they are arguing Barkley or Tebow, because we all know how important the #3 QB is!!!!

  31. I wonder if Mike knows most people have his show on as background noise while they are at work and aren’t even paying attention to him.

  32. Today’s Audio Road Show question:


    A) An ancient Egyptian king? —- 21%

    B) Triple Crown winner —- 31%

    C) Iggles 6th round draft pick this year —– 48%

  33. Did Ms robin imply that innes was the stalker or missanelli. She did say enemy within. Was it really innes she was implicating?

  34. Kind of weird that the Radio Wars is presumably a battle over which station the sports fans in Philly prefer to listen to for actual sports talk/knowledge, etc. But the battle ends up boiling down to just puffing chests and trash talking. I get that it’s personality-driven and entertainment but it seems to be missing the point.

    I guess the strategy is make it about personality, defeat the other station, then you can do whatever and you’ll still win the ratings. Philly likes to pretend they are a lunch pail town, but they prefer the sizzle as much as anyone else does.

  35. Mikey Mizz is a deuce! Go get some more plastic surgery you monkeys nut sack

  36. It’s a sad, slow time in Philadelphia sports, let’s face it. The Phils can’t hit water if they fell out of a boat, the Sixers are interesting if you enjoy pontificating and prognosticating, football season (I hate to break it to folks) isn’t till August, and Flyers are….well, the Flyers. In sum, there’s not much for topics. That being said, here is my take:

    – Innis is a Stern-wannabe, plain and simple. How Philadelphians like this guy is just hard to comprehend, although if I were a talk-show DJ from Houston who was going to copy anyone in radio, Stern is a good example, considering his lasting power and his financial success.

    – Mikey Miss is sometimes zero-focused on his opinions (the other worldly greatness of LeBron) and his fondness for the same four movies, but if you want to hear Philly sports radio during the drive times hours, there is no alternative. His chemistry with Jason Myrtetus is good, but again sometimes tends to be zero- focused on dissing him. The radio fact is making someone the “rube” only works if the person us a “rube” and Myrtetus just doesn’t come across like that, therefore it seems rude and obnoxious. Overall, Mike is a good listen and especially when the local sports are firing on all cylinders, he is very good.

    – I could not agree more with the comment that Bruno is ADD. I recall listening to Harry Mayes and him, back a few yrs. ago when Harry would talk about, say the NBA, ANC no more than in four words, Bruno is joking around, dissing the NBA and hitting the sound effect buttons like my 2 year daughter would. Now he is riding the coat tails of this Stern wanna-be collecting a nice paycheck on his way to retirement.

    – Poor Harry Mayes is stuck with Shander for the real crap on the sports radio dial. I think the reason the afternoon ratings for the Fanatic are slipping is the 10-2 slot has Shander on it. Never have I heard a more chatty, minutia filled wind bag kill a broadcast like Shander. I hate being so harsh about him, I’m sure he is a nice enough person off the air, but his radio persona is annoying to the highest degree. All the while, Mayes gets a commercial and two sentence every 30 minutes. A great move for the Fanatic would be a Mayes/Ellis afternoon lead.

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