RADIO WARS: More On The Morning Battle


Yesterday, we brought you selective cross-sections of the May local radio ratings. As you saw, WIP held a commanding lead in both the morning and afternoon drive times. Tony Bruno and Josh Innes again beat Mike Missanelli in the all-important men 25-54 demo and in the 18-34 demo. Angelo Cataldi and Co., not surprisingly, led Anthony Gargano in Gargano’s first month on air, alongside Jon Marks, Jamie Lynch and commenter favorite Maureen Williams.

But as we pointed out, judging the early success of the 97.5 morning show by comparing it to WIP’s long-running morning show, which has garnered an entire generation of listeners, is mostly inconsequential at this early stage. So after getting my hands on a more full ratings book – call it a comprehensive view – which includes the weekly (and in some cases, daily) numbers for the May ratings period (April 23 through May 20), I can provide some more color on the MORNING BATTLE. As always, we can’t provide hard ratings numbers because Arbitron doesn’t allow that, but all data here is counting share* (number of turned on radios tuned in) and based on the men 25-54 demo. Bullets:

  • Indeed, Gargano’s show got off to a slow start, finishing tied for ninth among men 25-54 in its first week on the air. WIP was second, behind WMMR, which is basically always in first.
  • In its second week – the week of the NFL draft – however, 97.5 shot up all the way to third place, behind WMMR and WIP. There was a 1.4 share difference between the two stations, which was closer than the 2.1 difference for the month– 7.0 to 4.9, as reported by Nick Piccone. A daily breakdown shows that 97.5 actually beat WIP – quite handily by almost three full share points – the morning after the draft, which is noteworthy.
  • In Week 3, an obviously slower sports week, WIP dropped down to fifth in the mornings and 97.5 was back to 10th.
  • In Week 4, the week of the draft lottery, things got even tighter. WIP finished second and 97.5 finished fourth, but there was only a 0.7 difference in their shares, this compared to the 2.1 difference for the entire month.

It’s a slow sports time around here, so it’s hard to extrapolate too much from a YoY decrease for any one particular show. However, Cataldi’s show, despite beating 97.5 each week and for the month overall, had its lowest two months (April and May) in almost three years, and saw a YoY decrease from May 2014 to May 2015 of around 40%. It may have nothing to do with 97.5’s show – since their ratings share is on par with what Mike and Mike was getting – but it’s something to note. And for 97.5, despite getting beat across the board, and in the afternoons, the morning show, somewhat expectedly, gained ground on WIP from Week 1 to Week 4. For now, the only way to judge the early success of the show, in terms of ratings, will be to look for steady improvements week-to-week and month-to-month. After all, these RADIO WARS are comprised of a series of small, localized battles. WAR TIME EPAULETTES:

*I’ve had a lot of people ask if these figures include streaming. The answer is complicated. As best as I understand it, the people meters listen for audio cues and will pick up streaming signals. But no hard streaming numbers are factored in (which is kind of nuts, because streaming allows you to measure 1-to-1, not estimate). Either way, it’s a relatively small portion of the audience.

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145 Responses

  1. I applaud the pic/reference.

    Though in context, it would be Mike Miss with the WAAAAAR TIIIIIIME EPAULETTES!! as he’s the one flexing while getting slaughtered.

    I think MM needs a sidekick.

    I think Anthony needs MCW to go away and perhaps a 3rd, funny, strong voice in the booth.

    I cannot listen to Angelo.

    I cannot listen to Innes

    Mike Miss has gotten pretty dull and I used to be a pretty big fan.

    Anthony/Marks is ok, I like it better than Mike & Mike.

    1. Good take, couldn’t agree more on all points.

      Still think the ratings data is complete garbage. These mythical “people meters” do not exist. How they pretend to collect this data is entirely fictional.

      1. “Still think the ratings data is complete garbage. These mythical “people meters” do not exist. How they pretend to collect this data is entirely fictional.”

        Mrs. Gargano… 2+2 has never equaled 5. Math is not garbage… no go buy me a PWIMO’s, BO!!!

      2. Guess again, Ned Lud. The science isn’t precise, but it sure isn’t fictional.

    2. Cuz is getting better each week! Wasn’t good at first but has improved. Even Marks has been better. Love Jaime and MCW! Thank god we have something decent to listen to in the morning than that junk on WIP and the dreck that is Mike & Mike

      1. With time, Gargano and Marks may find their groove. They’re trying to balance out the Cuz’s boisterous personality type with Mark’s lack there of (like when he was with Glen, minus the annoying food talk).

        Egenoff should have gotten the nod for the token female spot. Has the experience and knows what she’s talking about Philly sports and beyond. Would complete the “all from Philly” cast.

        Innes is in training for Angelo’s spot when his contract is up in a year, to which I too will continue to not listen to him and transition to the Cuz and Marks full time if they last.

    3. I read everyone in these damn comments ripping on me day after day. Listen assholes, you try reading sports updates while gargling cum and see how easy it is. Walk a mile in my shoes you fuckers

    4. Marks is awful. Now he is “Johnny Marks” and cuz is still doing the same local name dropping crap that gets him free dinners or for people he grew up with. This was the Cuz’s chance to take his job seriously again and he hasn’t delivered. I hate Angelo but at least he TRIES to get your attention by screaming. Jamie Lynch for anything more than 5 seconds in unbearable. Stop being a bro. It’s not cool. 94 and 97.5 are both terrible. I rather listen to sports analytics pod casts. BRO

  2. After a month of listening to Gargano and Marks it is obvious that Marks does not belong on the morning.In fact Marks should not be on a sports talk show at all..Brings nothing to the table at all..As painful as Brace and Marks were from 12-2 it shows that both of these ass clowns should have been fired.Marks isn’t even qualified to do the updates and tired of hearing about his personal life. If Nahigian had any brains he would can “”Johnny” and let him go back to tending bar at the Drake Tavern

    1. couldn’t agree more. Gargano is just a weird dude and Marks really doesn’t have much input to provide, together they don’t have any cohesion.

    2. Listen to the way Gargano treats Marks. He sounds like he distains him. He doesn’t see him as an equal, and actually gives more respect to his boy the producer. When he goes to commercial Gargano doesn’t even mention his co-host. Most say something along the lines of “I’m Gargano, he’s Marks,” but in The Cuz’s mind this is a one man show.

    3. I like Gargano, but Marks and Jamie are terrible; I don’t mind MCW.

      Whoever produces the show is awful. Their social media presence is so dull that it’s laughable, the different segments are incredible cheesy, and most of all, it seems like their content is just not thought out very well. Nothing is compelling or thought provoking, it’s so straight forward that it makes me think the producer is still in high school…

      1. I cannot stand Jamie. I’m beginning to think the whole “producers can’t talk unless they join the union” thing at WIP is a very good idea.

    4. Totally agree. Marks is the worst. Zero chemistry between him and Anthony. Not sure why he is there. Most likely reason is that he is inexpensive so worth keeping around. He should be sweeping floors with Brace.

      1. I feel like Marks keeps Cuz leveled. He’ll knock on him when he’s being his superfan self, or when he’s gargling Spags’ cum (for example). Marks keeps it light and entertaining. I enjoy the COPS talk and stuff like that. He’s young, and energetic. Cuz on his own would be same drivel day in day out. MCW sucks and is hard to listen to. Jamie just seems like a douche.

  3. I’m pumped up for this 4 for 4 cuz single mixer!! Going eat some pussy that night

    1. Yo, bro, you ever try it with a little gabba gool, some brocli rab, maybe a little sharp on top? Kills that fishy smell and tastes awesome, bro.

    2. Which one of the two Kenso skags are you going to eat out? That’s going to be the only pussy there (unless you include ‘Ant’). Get there early, there will probably be a line.

  4. I’m a huge Philly sports fan but prefer listening to Mike & Mike to get a national prospective. WIP and 97.5 in the morning are both annoying to listen to. Put Mike & Mike/ESPN radio on an FM station and get it off of 610 AM.

  5. Anthony is a lazy joke and those numbers means nothing. I took over his slot and am dominating. As for Mike Miss, his time has come and should retire. He is old and outdated. I commend him for a nice career but its over. Enjoy retirement, BRO.

    Maybe he can get a gig on BoB, oh that right, he is not allowed on CSN.

    Well there is always a spot for him on The Philly Influencer.

    Hey Cuz, you got something to say, say it to my face.

    1. Well said.

      BoB is embarrassing. I can’t imagine more than 50 people watch it. Mike would fit right in.

  6. How the mighty have fallen..Missanelli is washed up and his responses of violence towards Innes doesn’t exactly make people say Woooo.He should retire to the shore house he always brings up.Cataldi is still the creepy Uncle you dread seeing at reunions for fear he is checking out your daughter.Marks must be related to the Program Director to still have any type of job and Brace for the love of God now posts videos on Youtube for employment.Feel like I should start a GoFundMe for that dude..Sports talk is pathetic in this town!!!

  7. I know Gargano isn’t for everyone as I have friends who love him and absolutely hate him, but I will never understand anyone who like Cataldi? The guy does a phony schtick as plays the ‘populist’ card as he is one of us who suffers with the teams everyday. I will just never understand people who think he is geniune and don’t realize it is all an act? The worse part of it is he knows nothing about sports, and comes up with stupid stunts like sending those idiot dirty 30 guys to cheer for the Eagles to draft Ricky Williams, and then we have to hear it the rest of eternity that we booed McNabb.

  8. I used to be a huge Mike Miss fan. He just wore thin on me and eventually became more and more difficult to listen to. I love what Innes and Bruno are doing. It’s very entertaining, whether talking sports or not.. The show keeps me interested. Listening to Missanelli, I found myself tuning out more and more.

    WIP Morning Show is still very good. I’m not sure why. Despite Angelo being a giant moron, and Rhea being an obnoxious, condescending, snobby, unfunny annoyance, the show is still very entertaining. I love Morganti and Jones. Hollis is awful and adds very little to the show. I’ve tried listening to the Gargano show many times, but I just can’t. He’s just unbearable to listen to, and Marks seems lost. There’s abolutely no chemistry between the two. Marks seems forced into the show. I have no idea why the chick is there.

    Oh, and I’ll never understand the popularity of the Preston & Steve Show. It’s maddeningly unfunny and just plain awful.

      1. Not really.

        She is tits, but not much other than that. Plus, she comes off as a moron.

        Marissa isn’t that hot either, but at about 4″9′, she would make a good plaything……even if she is a nitwit.

        1. Don’t know who’s more annoying Marisa or Nat call me smoke show with the “I’m in the city” Twitter posts

    1. MCW is there because Gargano has been schtupping her for the last two years. Or at least that what my cousin at WIP told me. She said everyone at the station knew about it.
      And MCW sucks so……………

    2. “Oh, and I’ll never understand the popularity of the Preston & Steve Show. It’s maddeningly unfunny and just plain awful.”

      Amen to that….

  9. That breakfast on broad show is actually pretty good. Been watching it lately

  10. I can’t take either morning show. Angelo’s shtick is beyond old at this point, Al just goes through the motions, Rhea never gets to talk (I don’t get the hate for Rhea BTW), and Hollis is nowhere near as good as Hugh was. Gargano I couldn’t take over at WIP, not sure why they thought he’d be better at the Fanatic? Jon I like in small doses, but he’s almost nonexistent on that program. I’d prefer Jon and Shawn over this team. For some reason their Saturday morning shows were better than when they were on weekdays.

    I like Harry Mayes, but Shander does nothing for me at all. Poor Harry always getting stuck with these C level guys. I actually thought he worked well with Rob Ellis when they filled in for MM. Do I even need to comment on Mike and Ike?…moving on. I used to religiously listen to Mikey Miss, but can’t stand him anymore. He used to try, but lately it seems like he’s just riding these days out until he retires. I wholeheartedly agree with those that say he’s transforming into Eskin. Eskin was unbearable to listen to at the end, much like MM now. And the Lebron topic has been beaten and beaten into the ground endlessly.

    Because of this I have occasionally listened to Innes & Bruno and don’t think it’s nearly as horrible as some would have you believe. Whether you like it or not, it’s different and that’s all that matters – much like when MM debuted for 97.5 all those years ago. I’d say most of their listeners are made up almost entirely of people driven away by Mike. And they listen to Innes over Mike purely out of spite. It’s a sad state of affairs in the Philly sports talk scene…but it’s only magnified because of the mediocrity of our teams.

  11. Kyle,

    Radiowars is getting old. Nobody cares about either station anymore. Especially during the NFL offseason. 99% of us either listen to Sirius or our iPod. Plus, philly has zero radio hosts that are worth listening to.

    1. Why must I read a kajillion posts of idiocy before stumbling on someone who actually gets it? Sirius totally is the way to go. You, sir, are brilliant. Nailed it!!!

      1. The Radio Wars articles do seem to get the most comments.

        As for traffic, I wonder how much of that is Josh Innes hitting refresh to read about himself over and over.

      2. Do you know if the stats include internet listens? Curious if these are solely based on radio waves.

      1. Hey, you’re still rocking the virgin drinking a Shirley Temple at a wedding pic… Awesome!

        1. Kyle please acknowledge defeat and change the old avi in the morning ay?

  12. Same old Gargano who bullied his former wip co-hosts into submission,while at the same time constantly bragging about covering former athletes.And now poor little Johnny Marks appears to be Gargano’s new target,which means Marks will eventually get stabbed in the back by the fake South Philly tough guy.It wouldn’t shock me if Gargano is working behind the scenes to get his buddy Ike Reese to join him over at 97.5 the fanatic.

  13. Yeah, all the comments the Radio Wars posts generate are proof that no one cares.


      1. That’s damning her with faint praise. She’s way hotter than that troglodyte gonzo deserves tho.

  14. I literally listened to show tunes on my iPod instead of both shows today.

    Angelo’s show of famous dogs yesterday was truly spectacular. I caught a great debate about Rin Tin Tin.

    Man, I wish I was exaggerating about this.

    1. News Flash….US Senate just deemed that listening to the WIP morning overlap show cruel and unusual punishment. Now where is Big Daddy at tonight????

      1. Probably doing a Quizzo night with his no talent kid at some obscure gin mill in South Jersey.

          1. Actually he was talking about Big Daddy’s daughter who apparently thinks she is some sort of celebrity. She is a fat nothing with a meat pouch that smells like old hockey equipment

            1. That was the first comment here that made me laugh so hard I cried. Bravo.

      2. Rehearsing for his “absolutely, I really mean it this time’, final performance of that play about his father –

  15. Shander is probably the worst person on 97.5. The last two days were so much better with Harry and pat gallen. They apparently alternate days being the main host. Never heard of that before. And even still Shander never shuts up. If it’s Harrys day to drive the show, let him. Somebody please count how many times shander says “exactly right”. If rivals Hamels “you know”.

    The 97.5 morning just doesn’t work. If you wanted to be an alternative to WIP You’ve failed miserably. It’s the same exact format. A host who gets made fun of by the producer and Co host. A woman reading updates although MCW couldn’t sound any worse. It’s so obvious that marks doesn’t belong. Gargano is always talking about hanging out with the bro and MCW. He takes them to work? I guess the bro doesn’t make enough money for a car ad we all know how MCW got her gig.

    1. “Shander is probably the worst person on 97.5. The last two days were so much better with Harry and pat gallen.”

      No it wasnt.

  16. Angelo’s show the same every day. He does interviews with the same roundtable of has-beens and useless, uninformed media voices (Beasley Reece, GCobb, DGunn, Les, etc.). Then he asks for a name on some kind of list (Philly legends, people we hate, hot women, good beers, today it was “loudmouths”). Then he mixes in the same tired, old Philly talk (Hinkie, Chip, Amaro) with some kind of off topic thing, generally food or women.

    It’s literally the same thing every day. It’s got to be comfort food at this point for his audience.

    The ratings breakdown seems to indicate people don’t take him seriously on sports issues and they’re going to go Garagno for that. When football season hits I wonder what the numbers will be like. The Chip interview on Monday’s will help, but this will be interesting.

    I like Gargano more than most do. Then again on here everyone seems to hate everyone. I hate Josh Innes.

    1. Angelo’s show is basically people calling to guess Angelo’s Top Ten Favorite Letters of the Alphabet.

      “When I think great letters of all time, I always think “H”. Specifically, capital H. It’s symmetrical horizontally and vertically.

      “No, I was at Del Frisco’s with Barb from Barb’s Harley Davidson and Tony Luke from Tony Luke’s and I was discussing how last time we at there with Derian Hatcher, we thought L should not be on the list”.

      “P! I can’t believe it took somebody so long to guess P!”

      1. he’s just going to cut the crap and do “i’m thinking of a number between 1 and 10″…because, like you said, that’s basically what all his stupid daily radio games are.

    2. are pretty much marking the days until training camp at this point. they never talked NBA/NHL much to begin with and now that they don’t have the broadcast deals anymore they’re even less likely to do so. the cuz can actually talk sports once in awhile, it’s a shame that he’s so married to the south philly act and pretending like every caller’s his long-lost friend. his bringing up the bowa/sandberg for ivan dejesus trade yesterday is the kind of inside stuff that the drooling creeper and his cast of clowns wouldn’t bother with.

    3. You forgot Cataldi’s incessant sex talk and leering at young women. especially exotic dancers. His schtick was to be the sports morning zoo so he has to act like an amped up 15 year old. He’s embarrassing and disgusting.

  17. Yo, bro, why all the hatin’ on me? C’mon, ya don’t wanna hear about the huge dump Little Ant took in his shorts last night after going 0 fer 20 again in tee ball? I got high hopes for little Massimo, bro, but I think he might want to be a ballet dancer. Coupla trips to Primos for an everything wit a little gabba gool, some brocli rab and a little sharp – like I get when I’m there with my man Spags or my man Chip – should straighten him right out, right, bro?

          1. Don’t be hatin’, bro. Here, have a Primos. You don’t like the gabba gool, I can get it wit the proscuit for ya’s.

          2. He doesn’t even talk that much about his kid.

            Innes talks about himself and his stupid life more than any sports radio host I’ve ever heard. Everything is about him and his fat and his ugly girlfriend.

            1. Too bad they can’t team Gargano and Innes. My radio would probably shut itself off.

      1. Not a Cuz fan, but I do enjoy a funny post and I agree, none of these Cuz posts are funny. Keep trying

    1. You need to use ‘dude’ in every third sentence to better capture the Gargano experience.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they add Trot to the morning show come football season.

      1. My man Trot?! Dude, he’s the best, bo. The rest of you haters can say it to my face. Soon as I wipe this Italian dressing off it after I scarf this Primos.

  18. Could not agree more. I’ve been listening to 97.5 since the switch to FM and I don’t think there is a host I have disliked more than Shander. And you’re absolutely right, what is up with them switching who drives the show? Shander steps on Harry when he talks and he cuts off callers – it’s annoying. I also agree it was nice listening to Pat Gallen, I actually enjoy him and it seemed like Harry had a better flow and enjoyed the show more.

    Anyone know why they decided to go with Shander? What’s up with that?

    1. Cause he’s a member of the tribe and 97.5 is controlled by juwes pushing a zionist pig agenda.

    2. can’t stand shander. hopefully when football starts they bring back baldy or westbrook.

  19. that the photoshop of Gargano above looks like Vito from the Sopranos when he gets caught by surprise in the leather bar?

  20. Mike Miss and his on-air routine are played out and stale. I’m sure everyone is tired of his “YOUR SISTER” and “HOW ABOUT THAT PULL” phases that he pulls out multiple times per show.
    There is no radio war since one side has nothing to fight with.

  21. Another thing to consider is that despite how much we all hate Gargano and missanelli, 97.5 is probably paying them a ton of money. Which means they are going all in with these two. That’s why you hear the same 3 sponsorship promos all day. They can’t afford anymore. There’s the one promo that actually asks businesses to be sponsored by the fanatic. I think the whole radio station will eventually fold especially since their two biggest names and highest paid are getting smoked by the competition.

  22. he’s drawing in listeners b/c he’s more likely to actually talk sports than the WIP gaggle of idiots. The NHL and NBA finals are in full swing, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to Angelo & Co.

  23. On the next episode of Philly Influencer, Sean Brace is going to share three never-fail tips to identifying and securing edible food out of a dumpster without getting caught. So Influential!

      1. I’m surprised we haven’t heard from him yet. I know the Andorra library is open until about 4:00 so he definitely has access to internet at the moment…must be mug night at Summit Park

  24. All of you who care about “radio wars” should just kill yourself now. Please do it for the future generations who deserve a better world to live in.

  25. Hope all you morons and nitwits realize that Arbitron radio ratings in Philly are derived from a sample of less than 2,000 people in the Philly metropolitan area. They really have nothing to do with the actual popularity of any station or show (daypart) and are merely used as shitty measuring stick, for lack of nothing else, to advertisers.

    1. Do you think radio stations would subscribe to these ratings and that advertisers would use them to come up with rates if they weren’t somewhat accurate?

      Did you know when they conduct political polls they only talk to a couple of thousand people yet they predict pretty accurately the results of tens of millions of votes?

      Have you ever heard of statistics?

      1. Do your research, nitwit, before you reply to my post. Look up how various radio markets flip-flopped when migrating from the former Arbitron diary method to the people meter method. It’s still not accurate because the sampling audience is too small and not statistically representative of the actual market demographic.

    1. Lombardo and Staszac are arguably the best show on local radio. They mix things up and move around. The fact that they are only on a couple hours I think helps the show, keeps things fresh,protects host from getting exposed.

      One thing that 97.5 did right was use those 2 hour shows, I dont think they had the right host in Marx/Brace though.

      The 5 hour shows are career suicide. Missanelli is just about at the end.

    2. A picture of Matt Lombardo appears. He’s nothing more than a fanboy who covers the team and happens to be on air so he can defend every move the Eagles make. He’s thin skinned too, it’s easy to get him pissed by calling him out on his idiocy.

  26. As long as Missanelli keeps losing….I’m happy.

    He needs to be put out to pasture

  27. When are we going to see the numbers between crossing broad and Philly Influencer? Who is getting more clicks?

    1. I dont listen to Mike + Ike. I never could get over Ikes voice and he tended to get a little militant on race issues.

      The Harry + Eytan skipped- record tour lost me . My god like every third word on that show was Marcus Mariota , for like 3 straight months .

      They have an absolute train wreck of baseball franchise they should be dissecting but nope. Eagles /lebron 24/7/365.

      The Phillies starting outfielders have 1 HR combined .The Phillies owners 1 1/2 years prior inked a deal with Comcast for $2.5 B in rights fees PLUS a 25% equity stake in CSN PHilly worth another $2.5 B. And these clowns are talking about a stupid quote by Cary Williams ripping the Eagles. Who cares about that nonsense.

      Hit the big issues.

      1. Stay out of my business kid.

        I’ll do whatever I want with that $5 B.

        You’ll get Asche,Revere,Herrera in the outfield and you will like it.

        I know Asche and Herrea are utilty infielders and Revere is a bench player but screw you. My franchise is worth $1.25 BILLION and I just inked a $5 B deal and I dont give a crap about you.

      2. I agree with pretty much all of this. The midday shows are the worst shows on either station. I’ve never liked Barkann in any capacity and Ike Reese just flat out stinks, to me they never even meshed with one another. Although im not sure they are worse than Shander and Mayes. I’ve never really listened to Mayes that much when he was paired with Bruno, but he just seems so careless and also as if he knows nothing about sports in general. It doesn’t help that Shander is talking over everyone whether it be Harry, a guest or a caller. Out of all 4 midday hosts Shander is by far the worst. Dude is worse than Mikey Miss with the Lebron love. I’d rather hear their producer Joe Younis or whatever talk than Shander

    2. Some comments;

      Gargano is a worthless hack whose South Philly schtick is old.

      Angelo is the creepy uncle you woild not want alone with your kids and give tjem to Bill Conlin instead.

      Moronganti is worthless outside hockey and Ed Snider must allow him to keep his Comcast job as long as he continues to shill for the Flyers

      Ike Reese is a worthless jock who has the job because he was an Eagle. Hell, Stu Gotz eve turned him down to the Conn. School of Broadcasting.

      Rhea? One word. Why?

      Barkann ? Pitiful

      Can’t go on. Getting sick in the stomach

  28. Participated in Arbitron before… Carried around a little book and wrote down everything I listened to. They sent you like $3 (in cash) for participating.

    It was a pretty silly process.

  29. Used to be a die hard Mike Miss fan but the last couple of years have been painful. Here is a brief list of the things that have made me tune out:

    1. His obsession with what he calls “alt” music, very bizarre for a man his age.
    2. Saying he is the “party of Mike” which is a cover for his liberal, democrat background.
    3. General Knowledge Wednesday’s, talk about a show that drags on.
    4. The race baiting, and then following up with, “you need to look within”.
    5. Having no ability to process multiple sides of an argument. I’ve lost count of the number of times he has hung up on callers or called them idiots even though valid points are made.

    There are others but these 5 are enough to ignore his show from now on.

    1. Spot on. Mike used to be decent – especially way back in the day with Fredericks – but he’s close to morphing into Eskin lately. If you don’t agree with him, he’s gets all indignant and riled up. Any day now, he’s gonna start calling people dopes – and we’ll know that the Howie transformation is complete.

  30. I think Gargano and Marks is much better than the creepy old guy in the morning. I also CAN’T believe the Innes and Bruno have higher ratings, it is unlistenable. I wish Harry Mayes had a good co-host, I enjoy listening to him but his co-host is difficult. Always has been. These ratings are curious to me, as the big ratings shows on WIP somehow have better ratings, but are just terrible in my opinion. I understand the Mikey Miss issues, as he is very opinionated, however it is usually a good show. I just can’t listen to Innes, and Cataldi weirds me out. Nonetheless, I guess it is possible that most people have listened to WIP forever and listen out of habit.

  31. A topic that I have seen/heard no where at all is the mysterious disappearance of the Phan Photo photographers at the Phillies games this year…hmmmmm…..

  32. 1. No fans.
    2. Everyone has a HQ digital camera in their pocket, so why would you pay some mook $10 for a photo?

  33. So just two questions.

    1.Does any one seriously think Pat Gallen is good? I mean honestly?

    2.Why all the Cuz/MCW rumors? Anyone got any concrete proof other than conjecture from the fat man!?!

    I really don’t care about WIP, honestly outside of Ray Diddy. I hate them all, especially Rhea (she is unbelievably gross in real life).

    1. I only referenced him bc he filled in for shander the last two days. I’d rather listen to an MCW live read all day than shander. He tries so hard to be missanelli. Notice his over the top lebron love, calling everyone bro, and his nonstop arguing with callers. It’s actually a shame that he’s trying to model his shtick after a has been, grumpy, dyed haired, mid-life crisis hack like missanelli

      1. Ok…I’m sorry people can have their opinions about Cuz but no way/no how does Pat Gallen belong on radio…I mean he’s horrible!

        I’m not a big Mikey Miss fan (though I do like him more than Inness) but is dying your hair some big insult? Also has anyone heard Angelo and co taking shots at Cuz? Or is this just Josh being a dick

  34. Put Barkan an Mark’s together so i can here two guy’s say back and forth sorry i’m wrong your right.

  35. Lets face it,Angelo is running out of steam,when he goes none of the present people will stay. Al Morganti cant make a point in the morning without laugh talking which friggin kills me.Gargano is a egotistical dumpy little dude that acts tough but probably got his ass kicked at school. The guy that said Innes might take over in the morning when Cataldi retires might be on to something. Big Daddys constant promotion of his fat big mouth daughter and his unfunny acts is downright sickening. The only good thing is 97.5 is forcing WIP to keep its eye on the ratings

    1. I pushed Eddie Gadonis down to the curb at 61st and Buist and mushed his face in dog shit back in 1970

  36. This radio war thing is really heating up. I’m flipping back and forth and they’re talking shit on each other at the same time.

  37. Sure enough, innes spent his whole abbreviated show today bragging about his latest ratings numbers. So predictable. Brings nothing about sports to the radio table. Short lived phenom … like a Dom Brown of radio.l

    1. He should have spent that time comparing Lebron and Jordan while insulting callers if they prefer Jordan. You can’t see reality. You are just an Innes hater, bro. Look within. Take inventory.

  38. honestly i turned WIP on for 5 minutes on my way home yesterday while mikey miss was on a commercial. and all Joshie did was talk about Gargano. I thought that Tony was out until they were about to go to commercial & he started doing a live read. There’s no way this show lasts

    1. I did my time with Innes during the 6-10 slot. I gave the afternoon shot a try for a few weeks and his ego was really out of control then; he was worse than ever. I am not surprised though that he has ratings because listening to the callers on this station, and that includes Angelo’s show, the collective IQ is around 15. I am down to 2 hours of Angelo while I am getting ready for work and Ray and Glen on Saturday mornings. Innes must be insecure as hell if he is still talking about Missinelli and Gargano and emphasizing “I beat them”. To his credit, Cataldi never mentions the other stations and has not brought Gargano up once. Andy Bloom must have also hired Innes to be the pr department for all the WIP shows.

  39. It’s a sad state of affairs when you miss glenn macnow on the radio doing hisd idiotic burger crap for free food.

  40. Josh Innes incessant Bitchanelli name dropping has made me tune into Mike Miss and I really like Mikey Miss. Thanks Josh Innes!

  41. Is it just me or is Josh coming across has the immature high school kid that’s worried whether he is popular or not? Seriously, get over this whole fucking ratings things and talk about sports. You beat MM, great, good for you. You’ll probably keep beating him…it’s getting so old.

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