RADIO WARS: Intercepted Cables


The maestro has intercepted lots of chatter going back and forth in this prolonged, sustained, and increasingly ugly war. A recent insurgency has changed the landscape, the theater, the ground rules.

Thanks to fragmented fighting, this post has been broken up into shorter sections.


Racism, the flag and “Teats”

This is mostly self-explanatory:

Voila_Capture 2015-06-25_04-06-40_PM

Teats, I would assume, is Josh Innes.

Yesterday, Teats (this might stick) went on a bit of a crusade about something something the south and the Confederate flag. Quite honestly I’m not sure if he was being serious or his usual sarcastic self, but it ended with him tweeting a picture of a Nazi hunting mask. Hence Missanelli’s accusation.



Blowing more fuel onto the fire, Missanelli, during his show yesterday, somewhat out of the blue, made this cryptic statement:

“General knowledge trivia’s been tough today for the people. I know there’s a lot of people that couldn’t say no to rehab. [pause]  Some people, even in this business, some people become a train wreck and they have to go to rehab. [pause] You’ll probably read about that in the next couple of days.”

Based on conversations with numerous sources, Missanelli is talking about a rival employee whose name has been whispered about in radio circles for the past week or so. We won’t post it. But look out, only Mike seems to be threatening to go public with it.



Reader Kevin captured audio of Innes Teats somewhat mercilessly mocking a caller’s coke problem and even offering to do blow with him:

It’s tough to listen to, especially at the end when Innes offers to have a “cocaine summit” with him.

Tony Bruno, clearly, wasn’t on board with the conversation and seemed sincerely concerned for the guy by the end of the call. This is the new Sportsradio, WIP.


No respect

Poor Rob Ellis– can’t catch a break:

Voila_Capture 2015-06-25_04-40-46_PMVoila_Capture 2015-06-25_05-12-23_PM



War time epaulettes

Mine have arrived:

Voila_Capture 2015-06-25_04-48-10_PM

They’re real, and they’re spectacular. LET’S MARCH:


62 Responses

  1. Josh Innes is a cancer on the Philadelphia public. He needs to go.

  2. Mike Miss needs to take it next level; bring up the listener/caller with Innes in Tx who called himself El Diablo. Innes will lose his mind.

  3. Based on the tweakerish nature of this post, I am going to assume Kyle needs to go to rehab for adderall.

    If I was Bruno, I would be quite salty to be spending the twilight years of his career next to a chubby, race-baiting buffoon. I get it, sports talk radio is pretty lame, especially this time of year, but Innes’ attempt at humor is quite horrific.

  4. Safe to say the dude taping that coke call needs to hit the weights, take a shower and a clue

  5. There are few, if any, people on sports radio in this city that I think are good people let alone great hosts. However, Innes is the worst, by far, this goes way beyond Mikey Miss mocking someone’s lack of knowledge about Italian culture of Rock n’ roll history. Innes is a disgrace and is intolerable.

  6. Everyone knows crossing broad is a pro Fanatic Site. You know nothing about Radio Kyle, but hey either do I.

    1. Deena, why don’t you go make up some more unauthorized crappy commercials for Bitchinelli to screw up about Atco Drapstrip so you can get their latest PR guy fired like you did to Me two years ago…

      You’re a cancer, Deena, I hope you die…

  7. that dude was in bad shape. Not sure if he was coked up but he sounded pretty drunk. Tony really took the high road ( no pun intended ) there at the end with that caller. That’s why he’s that guys hero.

  8. Granted this josh show came about wayyy earlier than the show ‘Howard Stern’, it’s comparable in nature, except he makes fun of mentally, blacks and physically handicapped people, he coaxes women to get unclothed or naked. If they don’t go ‘far enough’ (for ratings) no cheerleaders plug… How sad, yet hilarious for womanizers and immature dimwits out there. This show lacks basic values. You would think it had been written by a pre-pubescent teen who can’t control himself.

    I guess his Mother didn’t teach him respect. He’s a mediocre guy who couldn’t hold mike Missanelli’s jockstrap. He’s an outsider from Louisiana & taken advantage dads connection. Now tell me, If he walked up to socially ‘beautiful’ models, go go girls and spoke the way he does on air, in a TRUE TO LIFE SITUATION, he would be pinched in his fat head. He should go straight down to hell because without daddy, he would be socially inapt. *LOL* Doesn’t he see that he is being used? *lol* Hmm, I guess not. 🙂

    1. “I served with Howard Stern. I knew Howard Stern. Howard Stern was a friend of mine. Josh, you’re no Howard Stern.”

  9. Used to like innes bc he was a long awaited alternative to Mike miss but it’s just boring now. The only time I really tune in is the start of a month bc that’s when they start to go back and forth. But Josh tries too hard now to be over the top. And dude seriously enough about your damn girlfriend and your dog. I’m okay with once in a while but is that his first girlfriend so now he feels he has to remind everyone any chance he gets. Bruno deserves better and hopefully when innes is gone Bruno can go up against Mike on his own bc that’s the real radio war

  10. Nothing beats a line of coke while enjoying some beers after hard week of work

  11. I turned on 975 late and MM said he was gonna talk to Schilling about finding out what creep tweeted his daughter on Fathers Day. What happened? What was said?

    1. who gives a shit. Schilling is a fuckin FRAUD. who cares what he has to say about anything. FAKE.

    2. on Fathers Day Mike Miss daughter tweeted “Happy Fathers Day” and said something nice about how she loved him, then someone replied and said “Your Dad’s a douchebag, and other nonsense. I forget the exact tweets, but that pretty much sums it up.

  12.’s really sad people are tweeting Rhea and Teats asking them to comment about their affair.

    It’s a joke, albeit a pathetic one.

  13. So who is the radio host in Rehab? Kyle give us a clue?

  14. Dude that crackhead segment on Innes and Bruno was hilarious. Why should we feel bad for some boozehound crackhead? The guy made his decision in life I’m not gonna feel bad for him. That was the funniest segment I’ve heard in a long time. And who gives a fuck about the confederate flag? Bunch of pussies say that should be banned. I agree with Innes. Kyle I hope u come down with aids

  15. Mike miss is over in this town, take your general knowledge bullshit and hit the bricks you liberal pussy.

  16. Innes was very brave and correct to say what he did about the CSA flag.. Besides no flag is more Racist and Rotten than the Stars n Stripes.. I always hated MikeyMiss.. Pretend lawyer Scumbucket..and elitist wop.

    1. There is no Confederacy, we defeated them. If people want to have them on their individual lawns or car stickers or have it in a museum fine, it should not be flying on a state building (government building) with the USA flag. Pathetic losers can’t get over it – you lost, deal with it.

    2. you should create a newsletter and distribute it to all the chuckleheads who go to XTU concerts in Camden. you’d be a hit.

  17. Bout time mike miss is firing back to those clowns. Can see him waiting to use his rehab bomb until the next Josh & Tony low blow insult

  18. People need to get their panties out of a bunch. The coke head call was hilarious.

  19. If Mike starts getting personal about on air staff, you know Innes is going to go off about Mike’s ex wife.

    1. Exactly, and now his daughter, who is far from a kid, will be a slam dunk target to Mike Miss haters. Knowing his history, he will say or do something to end his career.

    2. This is so true. I think this is the reason little mikey stayed low at first. His abmismal ratings though have forced him to go on the offensive. Once the ex wife bomb drops mikes head will explode. On air I hope.

  20. Kyle, please cool these ads…I can’t hear Teats make an ass out of himself over this video I can’t find.

  21. Jeff Juden reads this site? Badass!

    I record Breakfast on Broad and listen to it again in the afternoon. Show is so good.

  22. Are you people dumb or what? You can’t figure out that I’m the jackass coke head who had to go to rehab? Why else would I hire a fool like Ennis unless I was coked out of my mind? And how come these so-called reporters haven’t dug out the fact yet that I sent a threatening text at 1:36 am to a Fanatics producer and has my ass chewed out by CBS execs in NYC for violating FCC regulations? You’re a lightweight Kyle.

  23. Working with Micheal Barkann would put anybody in rehab. Yes that’s right i have to smoke a crack pipe to get in the booth with this buffoon.

  24. …is what this was…Say what you want about teats, this was friggin funny…

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