Report: Andy MacPhail Will Be Named Phillies Executive and Replace Pat Gillick

Jon Heyman, whose name must’ve been so much fun to say amongst high friends (heyyyyyyy mannnn), reports:

The Phillies plan to hire respected longtime baseball executive Andy MacPahil to lead their operations soon, people familiar with the team’s thinking said.

MacPhail, a former top executive with the Orioles, Cubs and Twins, is expected to be tabbed for the role of president or similar, with Hall of Famer Pat Gillick expected to move over to a consultant job similar to the one he held before taking the president’s job not too long ago will fill while Dave Montgomery recovered from cancer surgery.

Surprise level here: 2. This was seemingly one of the worst-kept secrets in baseball. We’ve written about it here and here. Does Andy know a lot about analytics and market-based valuations, or will he just bring more of the same and his hire be viewed as a real MacPHAIL?

Thanks, I’m here all week.

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12 Responses

  1. What guy in radio is in rehab ??? Mike Miss made a reference we will be reading about it in the coming days

  2. Lee

    Look important, B.S. the press and don’t tell anyone I am still running the team. Also, make sure Utley gets 500 at bats so I can waste another $15 million.

    Dave Montgomery

    1. this. doesnt matter who they hire, if monty is involved in day to day personnel decisions this team will continue to suck for the foreseeable future.

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