UPDATE: Mike Richards Border Drama Involves Oxycodone Pills

tmz richards

According to a report from TMZ Sports, Mike Richards’ ongoing Canadian border drama involves oxycodone pills. There are still no charges filed, but as TMZ reports, “NHL officials have been notified that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation into ex-L.A. Kings player Mike Richards involves the prescription drug oxycodone.” Their sources say Richards was stopped while crossing the border and questioned about the pills in his possession. So far, neither Richards, the Kings, the NHL, or Canada have commented.


Paul Friesen of Sun Sports reports that Richards was arrested and not merely detained at the Emerson border crossing in Manitoba, where he was held for four hours on June 17. He could be charged (but has not been yet) with smuggling for carrying OxyContin pills with no prescription, if that was indeed the case.

Kyle: Least surprising thing ever. This is now something to substantiate the countless rumors about Richards’ off-ice habits. The term “pill popper” – among other things – has been thrown around endlessly deep in message boards, comment sections and email tip boxes for years now. That said, I’d imagine a professional athlete with painkillers is pretty standard fare. Richards better have had a lot in his possession, illegally, for this to turn into an arrest and breach of contract. Otherwise, the Kings are reaching here and, should their decision to terminate his contract pass whatever ensuring legal fight is coming, then it’ll set a scary precedent for players, whom, I’m guessing, routinely do things that are technically in violation of their contract.


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  1. Richards always looked like he was pilled out with how slow he talked . No surprise

    1. More like coked out.Richards loves the nose candy more than he does playing hockey.

  2. The LA Kings are a bunch of drug addicts. Does Erin Andrews still go with Stoll??

  3. I wonder how the Kings are gonna explain keeping a wife abuser in Voynov but prescription pain killers is a no go.

    1. Roughing up the old lady doesn’t effect on ice performance like abusing coke & oxy

  4. Kyle will toast this pill head but no story on kacccccie taking another athletes dong to fulfill hers? Weak

  5. Always new he was a druggie. Lots of people doubted he was coking it up when he was in Philly.

  6. It’s a sad day when an old NHL guy can’t have his pain meds. In the NFL, they eat them like it’s coming out of a Pez dispenser, like it’s candycorn at Halloween.

    1. Well, it’s kind of against the law to cross the border with a bunch of pills that aren’t prescribed to you…

  7. Perhaps …
    Since he has not been arrested yet,
    Maybe Richards had a prescription for the pills in his possession , but the amount got the attention of the authorities.

    Maybe, just maybe they were not prescribed by the Kings team doctors. This would lead the Kings being able to part ways.
    Just a thought …

  8. Hope Richards goes broke & never plays another shift in the nhl. Go play for mike Kennan in Russia you druggie loser

    1. Hey, Mike RIchards may do a lot of Oxy.

      But not like Mayfair levels of Oxy.

  9. I’ve been telling you fuckers it was percocets, check the last 2 posts, he loved the hat shop mostly because it was his go to for percocets. he became good friends with the dj there who would sell them to him, that’s how he became the turtle of richards and carter.

    history will be made…

  10. Damn Linda from Mayfair. That’s a little harsh. What the hell did he do to you ? Run a train on you and not call you the next day ? That comment is made for guys that scorn a woman like yourself. So next time your at Reals or Mckenna’s and the Flyers are on the tv you can start picking out the next boxcars on your next train.

  11. So a professional contact sport player is caught with painkillers and might have an addiction problem?

  12. Is the front page of Philly.com taking a potshot at Ritchie?

    A pile of powder directly under his picture is convenient. And funny.

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