Ruben Amaro: “We’ve actually been battling pretty well”

I’m not even gonna write fully formed posts about Amaro from here on out. Just his own stupidity. You can draw your own conclusions.

Here he is talking to the media yesterday. From

“Clearly we haven’t been playing well now and it needs to be better,” Amaro said. “Other than (Tuesday’s) game, we’ve actually been battling pretty well. We had a decent weekend as far as, not wins and losses, but we battled. We pitched fairly well. We just haven’t been able to swing the bat. We’re not hitting and we need to hit better. It’s pretty simple.”

Other than contributing to the worst road trip since our inception, we had a decent weekend. Get fired, Rube.


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  1. Christ, he damn near sounds like John Madden in this quote…

    “Usually the team that scores the most points has a good chance to win the game. BOOM!”

    Fuck you Rube.

  2. does this guy actually believe what he is saying, or does he think that we are that stupid to believe it? FIRE EVERYONE

  3. I walked by that bubble bath and all the chicks were rough looking . They were all tatted up & had the I love unprotected sex look to them.

    Also noticed Susie Celek there, probably her 1st bath in weeks

  4. Other times were people have been “battling pretty well”

    POland on day 1 of the Blitzkrieg
    General Custer
    Michael Spinks

  5. He was obviously referring to his daily “sword fights” with dick bag McClure.

  6. Remember me, Kyle? I used to slap my dick on the table and make bold moves. Now, I am a shell of my former self. I have literally turtled…I have no idea what I’m doing.

  7. Translation: it’s ok we are a fucking embarrassment and possibly one of the worst teams in MLB history but it’s ok because “WE’RE BATTLING.”

    This guy is the biggest dope in all of sports.

  8. “We had a decent weekend as far as, not wins and losses..”

    Does this clown realize that wins and losses are the only thing that matters?

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