Ryne Sandberg Walks The Plank

Photo credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Though judging by the brain power he’s displayed over the last couple of years, I would not be at all surprised if he just thought he was taking a nice, relaxing seaside stroll to enjoy the warm breeze.

The bow tie man himself, little tiny baby Ken Rosenthal, speculates on the participants in the upcoming Phillies firing squad, perhaps led by targeted new front office exec Andy MacPhail:

Who will fire Ryne Sandberg as Phillies manager?

Could it be Andy MacPhail, who was the Cubs’ team president when Sandberg was a Cubs Hall of Fame player?

Such questions are becoming increasingly relevant – the Phillies have dropped eight straight games and 18 of 21, including an embarrassing 19-3 loss to the Orioles on Tuesday night.

Many in the industry view Sandberg as overmatched, but the team’s hierarchy is in an uncertain state, and the club also is busy discussing trades of players such as left-hander Cole Hamels and closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Overmatched? Heh. Old washing machines are overmatched. Sandberg… well, he is something else. Look at this blank stare last night when pitching coach Bob McClure – who, mind you, is probably the worst pitching coach in the history of baseball – frantically tried to get the bullpen’s attention after they didn’t pick up the phone:

Voila_Capture 2015-06-17_03-04-25_PM
“Ryne, should we try soup cans?” “No thanks, I’m not hungry.”

I mean, not only is the hamster’s wheel not spinning, but I’m not even sure the little guy has legs. Just flailing around in there, kicking random matter. Not even the fine minds at Pixar could dream up a conversation taking place inside Ryno’s head.

UPDATE: Yeah, but what about you, Rube?

Voila_Capture 2015-06-17_04-23-34_PM


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  1. He’s thinking about the groceries he needs to buy at Wegman’s on the way home.

  2. I would love to to sucker punch Ryno and pitching coach when they were not looking. Like Jacob from the projects did to me at Eden .. How bout showing some emotion Ryno.. Loser and bore

  3. Sandberg has always reminded me of a modern day John Felske. I just don’t see what he managerial strengths are. Is he a great communicator? Motivator? Strategist? Of course this debacle is not his fault, but Sandberg has done nothing to suggest that he can manage a major league baseball team. I think the Cubs were right.

  4. You knew something was not right when the Cubs did not want him managing. Strange? The Phils did the same thing to Mike Schmidt. Didn’t want anything to do with him.

    Phils’ fans going to the game tonight. Last minute give away….the Bob McClure surrender towel.

  5. “Ryne, should we try soup cans?” “No thanks, I’m not hungry.”


  6. When McClure went to the mound in the 8th I thing I saw Galvis Mouth “I can throw an inning coach ” Just like when I was in little league

  7. Or maybe MacPhail is being brought in part because Sandberg is staying.

    He has a history with him and can certainly work with him.

    If Sandberg gets the ax, it’ll be very soon.

  8. Tom McCarthy wants every fan to be aware of Greg Murphy and his idiotic notebook.

  9. Would Charlie have done better or is this the way it’s supposed to be? Why do the Phillies delay firings and leave us without hope for so long?

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