The Celtics Really Want the Sixers’ Pick, Are Still Offering Junk

Yesterday, it was laughably reported that the Celtics had called the Sixers to offer up Marcus Smart and their two first-round picks this year (numbers 16 and 28) for Nerlens Noel and the third overall pick. That didn’t go anywhere. But the offer was reportedly for more than just Smart… but still dumb:


The Celtics must really want that pick if they’re offering Olynyk, Smart, a pick, and whomever else you want, really. We presume (if only for fun) that they pitched Evan Turner.

So what’s the big deal? Apparently they want Okafor, and think they can hop into the Sixers’ spot to get him if Russell is gone:


With “optionality” and “assets” and all of that, it’s hard to imagine Hinkie giving up a top-three pick for two picks outside of the lottery, even if their #1 guy is gone.

The Celtics are starting to sound like a desperate ex-girlfriend. Or MacGruber.

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11 Responses

  1. The Rheea/Innes thing seems to be 100% true as he was spotted getting out of her car right before his shift the other day. Apparently they met after her show and she drove him back to the station for his. But from what my peeps could see, they were very touchy feely and laughing. No one is really surprised as she is a known c@ck chaser (just ask every dude who works there).

    1. I saw a picture of Josh’s girlfriend the other day. She is almost a clone of Rhea but cuter; same long blonde hair and big smile too. I have a feeling that is who it was since Rhea is on vacation this week anyway and they mentioned her being down the shore.

  2. I love this Innes/Reeah thing. It’s hysterical.

    There’s no way it’s true but everyone pretending it is and making up stories about they’re banging is great. Josh is a cancerous fatass and deserves to be slandered.

  3. I work at WIP and it’s not made up.

    Everyone knows about it. It’s like MCW/Garagno. Just 1 of those things….:)

  4. The Celtics sound like that guy in your fantasy league that keeps offering his 3rd TE, and this year’s banged up receiver with 5 concussions who puts up ok numbers for whatever 2 games he will play this year, for Calvin Johnson hoping that you will hit the accept button by mistake one of these times.

  5. Once I see it reported that the two of them were dining at DelFriscos, then we will know it will be true!

  6. Celtics really think they can out-hinkie Hinkie?…keep poking the bear and he’ll end up owning their first round pick every year between now and the 2020’s.

  7. Innes and Hoghees have been spotted at the restaurant a few times. He is typically dressed like a slob and she is typically drinking too much. But yes, their “friendship” is real.

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