The Eagles Almost Extended Bradley Fletcher Before Last Season

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Fletcher is a name that still elicits mumbled curses under the breath of many Eagles fans. After a subpar (at the very least) season last year, the Eagles didn’t even make an offer to the stale piece of brioche you forgot was in the toaster oven. But before the 2014 season, they almost signed themselves up for more years of Fletch.

According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss (via BGN), “prior to the 6-foot, 200-pound Fletcher flaming out in Philadelphia last season, the Eagles were considering signing him to a contract extension that would have reflected his value as a solid starter.” As BGN points out, they dodged a bullet there. But it might be more fitting to say: they remembered the bread was in the toaster and took it out before it caught fire and brought the whole house team down with it.


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  1. Seriously, nothing on my affair with Reeeeeeeeeah Hewughes?

    Why do you think I haven’t been on Twitter in a week?

  2. Oh wow, I thought innes was away from Twitter because he was researching possible sports topics for his radio show. But as expected today, he took the lazy way out …just BS’ing his way through 5 hours of nondescript, nonsports radio. People are realizing that innes radio is about current events, outside of sports.

  3. Maybe that possible extension is another reason why Roseman was relieved of his personnel duties.

  4. Let’s not be revisionists here. He had a decent year his first year in Philly. Only Boykin played better in the secondary. But that was his ceiling which wasn’t good enough. It would have been a mistake to extend him then. Even before knowing the mess he was going to make in the Eagles metaphorical bed.

  5. RAJ would’ve pulled the trigger on that contract. God, the Phillies are so horrible because of him.

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