The Eagles Are Paying No Attention to the Evan Mathis Behind the Curtain

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Since the start of OTAs, while other teams have been missing players for a myriad reasons, the Eagles have been mostly at full-strength except for one man: Evan Mathis. Mathis wants more money, and though he’s free to explore a trade on his own, there’s reportedly been no interest. So absent he remains. No one seems to know if he’s gonna show up once the OTAs become mandatory. One thing is for sure though: his teammate aren’t worried.

According to Geoff Mosher, pretty much everyone has moved on. “We’ve got a group of guys out there that have worked, been here since April and right now Al Barbre is the starter,” Jason Peters said. “I don’t know if Evan shows up … he get his spot back, I don’t know.”

And that sentiment was echoed by Zach Ertz, who said Mathis is “out of sight, out of mind.” And it’s not just because he’s not showing up. “If you go against Chip I’ve think we seen … if you don’t buy in we’ve seen what happens,” Ertz said, making Chip sound like Lex Luthor or Mussolini or at least George W. Bush.

The players might not know what’s really going on inside Chip’s, or Evan’s, head during all of this, but they’re acting like it’s time to move on. So maybe we should too.

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10 Responses

  1. “they’re acting like it’s time to move on. So maybe we should too.”

    Cue 3 posts about DeSean Jackson and/or LeSean McCoy…

  2. he’s making 5.5 million this year and 6 million next year & turned down an extension last year that would have increased his salary by 1 million. he’s an asshole who thinks he’s bigger than the team.

  3. Wait…so you mean to tell me that the market’s not that strong for aging interior lineman who essentially did nothing in the league until the Eagles picked him up off the trash heap a few years back?

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