The Eagles Will Hold a Whole Two Open Practices This Year


The Philadelphia Eagles announced 2015 Training Camp will begin on Sunday, August 2 at the NovaCare Complex. For the third consecutive year, the majority of the Training Camp practices will be held at the NovaCare Complex and will be open to a limited number of Season Ticket Members randomly selected from every section of the stadium.

This year’s Training Camp also features two open practices at Lincoln Financial Field on Tuesday, August 4 and Sunday, August 9. The two open practices will be free of charge and will not require a ticket for entry. Seating at Lincoln Financial Field will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Training Camp ends on Friday, August 21.

Three last year. Four the year before. Sheesh, I’m surprised Les Bowen isn’t sympathy-complaining for fans yet.

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18 Responses

  1. Open practices are a competitive disadvantage, answering questions in press conferences and interviews about strategy and personnel is a competitive disadvantage….Chip is not a fan of competitive disadvantages.

    Him and his team have come up with ‘breakthrough approaches’ to training for the highest level of football out there (the swat gizmos qb’s have to throw around, the toy car acting like receivers who go in motion when you can’t legally have receivers go in motion for walkthroughs, etc), and then he has to watch sportsreporters and bloggers share that with the world. If you are one of the other 31 teams, you are paying somebody in your front office to read and learn about every single thing Chip is doing that is ‘revolutionary’ and figure out if that is something they should be doing as well (and if they aren’t, their letting their egos get in the way).

    If the sports science and new methods of training put his team at an advantage on Sundays, he doesn’t want the rest of the world knowing about it and gaining their own advantages.

    He’d make it zero open practices and no interviews if he had it his way, and wouldn’t shed a tear about it.

      1. Not sure if murray from Mayfair called him but I know he wants to fuck Rob Ellis

  2. Kyle you’re such an ass-kisser,I’m surprised that Chip Kelly doesn’t struggle to walk through the Novacare Complex with your lips firmly implanted on his ass.


  3. I’m right in Chip Kelly’s ear, spreading my Philly influence.

    1. Interesting article. Sad for AI. Can’t wait to read this again on CB tomorrow.

    2. Him stepping over tyrone lue, negates every shitty thing hes ever done in my book…

  4. Hey KYLE, still waiting on total number of listeners for both 97.5 and 94.1. I’m setting the over under at 30,000 combined total. Nobody cares about terrestrial radio outside of the NFL season. Way too many commercials and way shity talent. Can’t wait to see who wins the rating during the season. Innes knows nothing about the NFL.

  5. Boo fucking hoo. How much of a loser do you have to be to go to a practice?

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