The Jahlil Okafor Jersey Thing Seems to Have Fooled Just about Everyone

Voila_Capture 2015-06-29_09-32-59_AM

Myself included.

So not only was there a table underneath the jersey, but Okafor actually made the perfect fold. CBS Philly captured the original video, and last night, Kevin Kinkead of CBS posted a raw version. View it after the jump. Our bad, Jahlil.

Side note: If the Sixers’ new media people are as smart as I think they are, they’ll own this with a web parody of Jahlil walking around just dropping things in the locker room, kicking the mascot, reading alt-history of the Revolutionary War, etc.  This one’s a… layup.


8 Responses

  1. I don’t know, still looks like he wanted to put it down the nano-second he was allowed to….

    1. Kyle, you tell him to “give it up” yet you’re the one who posts shit like you did yesterday regarding the “Jersey drop” which just feeds the haters. Take some of your own advice.

  2. i agree with guesty, however that doesn’t mean he hates being a sixer…just means he didn’t feel like marinating in a presser for a stupid photo op longer than one has to

  3. We were not in a vice from the time Jahlil was drafted until after his presser. That was genuine dissatisfaction you saw on his face. It’s like that time the Mr Softie truck drove past him as he was waving his money back when he was 6. Same face.

  4. He definitely threw me down as soon as he could. It even looks like he was wiping his hands to get my Philadelphia Filth off of him. He’s undoubtedly disappointed. Oh well. Sucks to have that problem.

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