Sam Hinkie May Be Preying on the Knicks’ Fourth Overall Pick

Photo Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
GET OUT OF THE WATER, PHIL! Actually… don’t. Photo Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks have the fourth pick in this year’s draft, zero second rounders, no picks next year, and no second rounder in 2018. The Sixers have the third overall pick this year, five second rounders, likely four first rounders next year, and enough second rounders until 2020 to build an expansion team.

Phil Jackson reportedly has his eyes set on Jahlil Okafor. If he’s not available, according to Chris Sheridan, the Knicks would likely try to get rid of their pick to acquire more picks later. Jackson “is inclined to trade down in exchange for multiple picks in this year’s draft and in future drafts,” according to Sheridan. “The educated guess here is that he will go back and forth with Sam Hinkie of Philadelphia and Danny Ainge of Boston in an effort to restock the cupboard.”

There would be no real gain in taking Okafor at number three with the intent to flip him to the Knicks, since they don’t have much in terms of draft picks to exchange. But if Okafor goes in the top two picks, it’s reasonable that Hinkie can package one of those semi-protected first rounders next year, a couple of seconds, and walk out of the 2015 draft with two top-four players. Look at it like this: They could give NYK the Lakers’ pick (which Howard Eskin is convinced will be in the mid-20s next year) and end up walking out with two of Russell/Mudiay/Porzingis/Winslow/Hezonja or anyone else they want. It would be one hell of a deal for Hinkie, a good move for Jackson, and (I’m guessing) a great move in ticket/jersey sales, especially now that Joel Embiid jerseys will potentially be collector’s items. #DoTheDeal

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25 Responses

  1. Jesus Christ this site can’t get any dumber today. Jim honestly believes Hinkie can trade the Lakers Pick (more like in the 15-20) range next year and some 2nd rounders for the 4th pick this year? That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. 2nd round picks are garbage 95% of the time.

    And then the Knicks walk away with shit for this year? I can’t believe I wasted time commenting but a damn 15 year old kid would realize there’s not shot of this happening.

    Call it a weekend you idiots. Shut it down

  2. One future first rounder won’t get it done. A future draft pick never has the value of a pick being made present day, especially because it’s not a given it will convey and uncertainty of future draft classes. Jackson will want at least two/three top picks and a handful of second round picks to get it done.

    If they were going to make a move, IMO, is to wait and see if any of the guys they are targeting drop to the 7-8 range and be ready with picks. I just don’t see the talent at the 3-5 range worth the hefty price it will require. The Sixers just have too many needs to lose future picks and may want one someday for a sign-trade for a top free agent. For these reasons, I just don’t see it happening.

  3. At this point, why not try to go 3/4/5? With #3 grab Russell if the first two bigs are off the board. Trade with the Knicks for the #4 pick for 2016 first round pick from the Lakers, 2015 2nd Round pick from Orlando, 2015 2nd Round pick from New Orleans, and the rights to Dario Saric. Then draft Kristaps Porzingis with the Knicks pick at #4 (you essentially swap Porzingis now for Saric in the future).

    Now with Orlando, try to trade for the #5 pick as well. Offer a 2016 1st Round pick from Miami, a 2016 1st Round Pick from Oklahoma City, a 2015 2nd Round Pick from Houston, a 2016 2nd Round pick from Denver, and the rights to Joel Embiid. With #5 you take Mario Hezonja.

    You can now put Noel/Porzingis/Russell/Hezonja/ and either Covington/Grant as your starting five. You lose none of your own picks in the process, and you don’t have to wait another few years for Saric, and you don’t worry about Embiid’s foot going forward.

    If ‘This Starts Now’, this would sell tickets and keep the Sixers on plan going forward…

    1. Yo Brace you have vomit duty in the bathroom so no more of you plugging your shitty website on our dime,which basically means get your wigger-ass back to work.

    2. I didn’t think the philly influencer was a real thing, then I clicked in the link. Goodness gracious is that a bad site. It makes CB look the NY Times.

      My head hurts from trying to read one of the posts.

  4. Jim, I know I called you and kyle dumb and clueless yesterday but………..come on dude. I think your just fucking with us now.

    Phil Jackson HAS to come out of this draft with a player, a 1st round player that is, I’m not even sure he has a 2nd round pick but that wouldn’t suffice for a cranky fanbase who just went through a tanking season. In what world would Jackson just hand the sixers the 4th overall pick for a single first round pick in next years draft. The smart thing for Jackson to do, that is if he thinks a player or two he likes will be there a few picks later, would be to look to trade with Denver or Detroit. Denver could give them Ty lawson, who they want to be rid of and could come in and help the Knicks right away and the Knicks could draft Winslow, Stanley Johnson or even Porzingis if he’s still there at Denver’s spot. Same thing with Detroit although i believe they would be willing to give up picks instead.

    Now you mentioned Boston which is good because maybe a 3-team deal could swing, but you failed to elaborate on it. And i think if something like that were to happen, the sixers would have to deal players somewhere, like Noel or Embiid

  5. Yo PPM, don’t come at me. I didn’t say anything about you, so don’t come at me. Mind yo own business.

  6. Chris Sheridan?

    Chris Fuckin Sheridan? REALLY?

    What, Brian Williams didn’t return calls? Sheridan is one of the biggest idiots in sports media & I see he proved it once again today.

    So the deal is a bunch of 2nd rounders + NEXT YEAR’s Lakers pick for #4 this season. That is some knee-slappin’ funny shit.

  7. What a waste of time writing this garbage of an article.I could have hear a more informative opinion on Sean Brace’s Youtube job.Talk about idiocy.You really think giving up our slop will get you 2 out of the 4 picks this year…Kyle please slap this guy..Now back to Philly Influencer where I can watch Brace BBQ steaks on the grill! SHEESH

  8. It’s permanent. Shander is gone from 10-2!!!!

    1. I don’t see how he can do both shows. That would be 6 hours a day with virtually no breaks. I guess if you need the money you could do it but your going to get burned out. 6-8 am means waking up at 4am then at 8am you have to drive to the Fanatic studios for 4 hours. Barkann does two shows but he only does three hours from 10-1 and has a 5 hour break. Won’t be shocked if Ellis leaves BOB.

  9. This is exactly why Hinkie has accumulated so many 2nd rounders to begin with – find some team out there that has completely mismanaged their cap and will have to give up ‘more for less’.

    Even if they have to give up the #4 this year, if Jackson can turn one pick this year (and they aren’t ‘one player’ away, even one of the top rookies) into four or five over the next two years, especially one of them being a 1st rounder next year, he should do it. He’s going to have problems affording a full team without 2nd round picks and their small salaries to fill out the bench.

    Then Hinkie walks away with two top draft picks, proof for some of the naysayers to think this is the year they try to start winning again, and buys himself more time to keep working on his master plan of competing for a decade.

    1. Dude, what the shit are you talking about? The Knicks are not up against the cap at all next year. They already got rid of JR Smith and Amare Stoudemire. And Bargnani is also a free agent now. The only players the Knicks have who are making more than $3M next year are Carmelo and Jose Calderon.

      In fact, the Knicks only have 5 or 6 players under contract or with cap holds for next season for a total of about $36M. The NBA salary cap next year is expected to be $89M. That’s around $53M of cap space.

      And even if they were close to the cap like you incorrectly assumed they were, why the hell would they be trading the 4th overall pick for a first rounder next year that isn’t very likely to be 4th overall or higher just to get second round picks? If they really needed to fill out a roster with cheap players, they could just sign a bunch of undrafted guys/street free agents. They’re not giving up the 4th overall pick for the Lakers first rounder no matter how many worthless second rounders we include.

  10. I am the expert on all basketball players who play overseas. I have my pulse on the Yugoslavia Division 3 Sub-Division 2 league. I have an unearthed a player who is going to be top 50 of all time. Ignore me at your peril.

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