The New York Times Agrees With You: We’re Cursed

We’re cursed. It’s something you’ve probably heard (or felt) a thousand times. But it’s not just you. The paper that prints All the News That’s Fit to Print has apparently found it fit to print that Philadelphia fans are cursed. Not the most cursed, but the seventh most.

The New York Times used the combined number of seasons since a city’s last championship, percentage of seasons of the past 50 years that have ended with a title, and appearances in a sport’s final four (defined as close calls) to see which cities have the least luck. Philadelphia owns it in that close calls category.

Behind the top six of Cleveland, Atlanta, Buffalo, San Diego, Washington, and the Twin Cities, lies Philadelphia:


The grey lady explains our level of being cursed as such:

If making a sport’s final four were all that mattered, Philadelphia would be a beacon of success. Its teams have reached that stage in an impressive 22 percent of their seasons over the last half-century, a better rate than Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and every other city with at least two teams other than Boston.

But Philadelphia’s teams almost always come up just short. Since 1984, only the 2008 Phillies have won a title. A remarkable 19 percent of the city’s seasons since 1965 have ended with what we’re calling a close call — a final-four appearance without a championship.

Making matters worse, the immediate future doesn’t look bright for three of the teams. In fact, Philadelphia has a claim on being the city with the four worst combined teams today. The Eagles (a bright spot with a 10-6 season) and the Flyers both missed the playoffs in their most recent seasons. The 76ers won just 22 percent of their games last year and have become notorious for trying to create bad teams in order to stockpile top draft picks. The Phillies are hovering near last place in their division, with few promising young players.

Does all that make the notorious grumpiness of Philadelphia fans — known as boo birds — a little more understandable?

They’re not wrong. I mean, I can’t think of any other major sports fan base that rallied around not one, but two horses in the dark pre-08 years just so we could say we won something. If not for the 2008 Phillies, I can’t imagine where we’d fall on the list. Or if Pat Gillick had stuck around before handing the keys over to a moron, maybe we wouldn’t have even made the top ten. Dammit.

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19 Responses

  1. Stop. You really think Pat Gillick could have either prevented this from happening, or wasn’t a part of it? He was working in the same fucking front office after he ‘retired’ as GM. Plus, the guy has a history of leaving championship teams barren for 15+ years after he is successful (see Orioles, Blue Jays, etc.). Not to mention his awesome trades of Gio Gonzalez and signings like Adam Eaton. I’m not saying Ruben Amaro is a good fucking GM by any means, but the 2009 team probably would have lost to the fucking Yankees even if Gillick were the GM for that season too. Stop blowing Gillick. This is an entire organizational problem that has happened the past 7 years and it’s nothing new.

    1. Maybe. But I’m not sure he would’ve mismanaged them so poorly those following years that we’d be in this horrific predicament. Also, he may have been able to find a bit more rotation depth in 2010 by, say, NOT TRADING CLIFF LEE FOR NO REASON.

      1. Gillick inherited a great crew and gets entirely too much credit.

        Roob did everything in his power to win more World Series and the players and coaches did not perform. Poor drafting and talent development is why they are in the predicament they are in. The contracts are secondary. There was going to be some kind of come-down from the glory days, and Roob’s decisions have prolonged that, of course.

        But the unabashed worshiping of Gillick is misguided. He made the correct tweaks to the squad to help them get over the top. But he wasn’t the architect. That would one Edward G. Wade.

      2. I don’t disagree in some aspects, Kyle. All I’m saying is Gillick also got by with a lot of reclamation projects/Rule 5 picks/luck, etc as well. Ruben tried to do the same thing in a way, he just shot and missed. Gillick happened to get some hits with Victorino, Werth, etc. And, let’s be fair, Amaro went out and got All-Star caliber pitchers and players to replace guys like Myers, Burrell, Feliz to keep the window to win open. It’s still the same method. Also, Gillick has never really been known to oversee rebuilding projects, which this team should have done the minute they lost to St Louis in 2011. I think this was bound to happen no matter who was in charge.

      3. “NOT TRADING CLIFF LEE FOR NO REASON.” Amen to that! Pettiness is about it; Lee didn’t snap to make deal.

  2. Not Ruben’s fault Phils didn’t win 2. Ruben’s fault he didn’t start retooling/building in 2012 and that there is shit in the minors.

  3. I don’t believe in sports curses, but the older i get the more I look at Management and Front Office as the reason for success and failure of any organization.

    Flyers: Snider is still stuck in the 1970’s and hired people like Homer to executive this style of play, and we haven’t won a Cup since 1975. Although Hextall is trying his best to steer this team in a different direction after all these years.

    Sixers: For years and years they were content on being mediocre and having no idea that teams go to do being an 8th seed. Whatever you want to say about Hinkie, atleast he is trying to execute a plan to build a champion, unlike the Iggy years where we would win 40 games and lose in the first round, and do the same the next year.

    Eagles: Lurie is content on the Eagles being good enough to keep fans interested, but I honestly don’t know if he is passionate about winning a Superbowl anymore. Just by the way everything went down on New Years Eve with him standing by Howie after the Giants game, and then demoting Howie 3 days later tells me he’s out of touch with whats going on. In short, Lurie is happy with 10-6 every year.

    Phillies: This Management has been disfuntional since the late 80’s. They had a lucky run in 1993, and then struck gold with prospects like Howard, Utley, Hamels and Rollins along with hiring Pat Gillick in 2006 to win them a World Series. Then reverted back to being disfunctional again as I have no idea what there plan is for the next few years.

    1. Lurie hired the most successful coach in franchise history. He then replaced that coach with the biggest name available. He has preceded over the most successful stretch ever in Eagles history. They went to 4 straight NFC Championships, 5 total under him. It’s up the players and coaches at that point.

  4. If not for the creation of the WHA in 1972, the Flyers would br Cupless. Before the protest screams from the Flyer fans, no one will dispute no Bernie….. no Cups

    He was traded to the Leafs by Snider in 1971, but Flyer management never tell you that. The WHA got him back.

    1. Yeah and if your mom had balls, she’d be your dad. So what? The flyers certainly weren’t the first or last team to win a title with some luck. Throughout sports history, there have been plenty of teams who got players because leagues folded/merged and teams couldn’t afford to keep certain guys.

      Are we supposed to tell packers fans their Super Bowl XXXI victory is all luck and wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have a cheap ass owner who refused to pay reggie white?

  5. Tell you what, whatever those hairy hot Italian slicksters say must be true! they are so fine.

  6. The NYT is a piece of shit Commie rag that gave cover and credence to the Nazi ethnic cleansing in the 1930s. It has been the liberal standard bearer for decades. I give no credence to what they print.

  7. Mike Arbuckle not getting the job after Gillick retired is the reason for this mess of a farm system we have now.

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