The Phillies are Just Drafting Everyone’s Family Members


There’s only one round left if Jamie Moyer’s got a grandkid available. The baseball draft is just sooooo long.

UPDATE: Never mind. They went with TMac’s kid.

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13 Responses

  1. Somebody at some asshole blog (hell, maybe this one? I don’t feel like looking) had a take the other day that Amaro’s recent moves are those of someone who’s not getting fired.

    These picks would seem to solidify that notion: Amaro is staying. This shit makes the Flyers look like the New England Patriots. Nobody ever accused Snider of not giving a shit.

  2. Angels drafted Hutton Moyer, Jamie’s son, in 7th round. Maybe Phillies can get him in a deal if they agree to pay 90% of someone’s bad salary.

  3. Does this not make anyone else furious? Yes there’s a very small chance that a 40th round pick is an allstar in a few years but why not try?? Why draft a kid because you know his dad as a joke/ as a courtesy? What a dick.

  4. These late picks are pretty unimportant. Guys picked in the 30th-40th round mean very little… Hell, this is the second time they drafted Andrew Amaro. Since the draft started in ’65, the Phillies have had 10 guys drafted in round 30-40 sign with team and make Majors. The best 3: Jake Diekman, Jarred Cosart and Kevin Sefcik.

    Unsurprisingly, the Phillies have zero understanding of the damage this does when it comes to PR. The casual fans hear draft, think future and see this bush league crap. Just an inept organization doing inept things.

  5. Meanwhile, the dodgers draft a haverford college (D3) stud pitcher in the 8th round and the phillies reportedly never came to watch him pitch. dude spends four years absolutely K-ing kids in their own backyard and they just didn’t even notice. hopefully one day they realize that you have to look in unconventional places for talent in order to compete in this league.

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