The Phillies Will Not Fire Ruben Amaro or Replace Manager Today

There are multiple reports now as it leaks out that, at the introduction of Twins hero GM Andy MacPhail, the Phillies will neither fire Ruben Amaro (not yet, at least) nor name a new manager to take the place of interim uber walking dead manager Pete Mackanininininin.

Buster Olney wonders whether MacPhail’s arrival will speed up or slow down trade talks. While Jerry Crasnick, who sounds an awful lot like he’s playing favorites right now, thinks MacPhail will “project an air of calm”:

Voila_Capture 2015-06-29_11-05-31_AM

Voila_Capture 2015-06-29_11-08-52_AM

GTFO. I don’t care if MacPhail is the Zen Master, the Phils need a lot more than calm and control. Stability is all well and good, but if MacPhail, his eventual replacement for Amaro, and a new manager aren’t substantially more progressive than what we’ve seen from Gillick, Amaro and the brain-dead group in the dugout, then all the steady-handing in the world won’t do any good.

I get the sense longtime baseball people and reporters love MacPhail and are going to treat him like some white knight coming in to save the Phils. Maybe he is. But can someone please ask him if he knows how to compute OPS first?


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  1. Jerry, I believe the tool you’re looking for is flame thrower, not blowtorch.

    A blowtorch is used to fix things and bring them together, a flame thrower is used to burn things down.

  2. MacFAIL’s order of business:
    1-Phire Ruben
    2-Release that Big piece of fucking monkey shit kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk machine
    3-Release that Little piece of fucking monkey shit kkkkkkkkkkkk machine (Brown)
    4-Release Dickman
    5-Release DeFratus
    6-Release Revere
    7-Make Utley retire


  3. The attendees to the conference will have their choice of red or blue kool aid. C’mon, this is red herring and blue smoke B.S., grom the team witk 11,000 losses and two Series eins in 133 years.

    Until Amaro goes, its business as usual.

  4. He’s probably going to go on an extended media tour talking about how he’s going to fix this slop.

    Then he’s going to talk to Angelo, Miss, Josh Innes, Gargangutan, etc. Then kill himself.

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