The Silent Majority

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There is a silent majority in this town that often gets drowned out by the vocal minority. This is not specific to Philadelphia, it’s usually found on news talk channels where they quote the loudest idiot on either side.

Too often the talking heads repeat the nonsense about evil fans throwing Snowballs at Santa, booing, or how this town eats their own players. Some of it may be true, but most of it is bullshit.

There is a silent majority in this town that

– Believes in Chip Kelly, and loves the way he treats the media (especially you, Les Bowen)
– Does not miss Chris Wheeler
– Agrees with what the Sixers are doing, but wouldn’t go watch the team if you gave us free tickets
– Has no idea when the Flyers will be good again
– roots for all the city 6 teams, but wishes, St. Joes, LaSalle, Penn and Drexel could be relevant again
– and knows that Ryan Howard and Chase Utley should move on, but does not want to see it happen.

The majority of sports fans
– Have given up on Sports Talk radio,
– And are embarrassed daily by Angelo Cataldi, and think Wing Bowl is a disgrace
– Remembers the 700 level as the toilet bowl it was, and
– Can’t believe CSN pays Ed Rendell for his ‘football analysis’ and forces Ray Didinger to sit next to him.

A few more things from the silent majority, they
– Never booed Scott Rolen. and
– Never Hated Kobe Bryant, until that whole rape thing,
– Never wanted Ricky Williams, or booed Donovon McNabb,
– Never wanted Michael Vick to be our QB, and
– Think LeSean McCoy has some growing up to do.

The Silent Majority gave Brad Lidge a pass for his terrible 2009 season, and
believes we should have won 2 to 3 more from World Series 2009 -11.

The silent majority longs for the summer days when the Phillies were in the hunt, and we do not trust Ruben Amaro to fix this.

These are just a few things I came up with on a Tuesday.
What did I miss?
Let me know in the comments below. (yeah that fucking rhymes)

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  1. I like and agree with everything you said. It’s spot on.

    I think Cataldi is a clown. My favorite thing about sports talk radio is that Innes has the same type of radio personality as Cataldi but gets persecuted for it. Not that I love Innes …. but I just can’t stand the hypocrisy of sport talk radio fans. They yell at Innes for not talking about sports but then love when Cataldi goes on an asinine rants about Chip Kelly or talks about ogling women.

    I would also like to add:

    – That Papelbon, although we dislike him, is the only player on the Phillies to live up to his contract
    – Feel just okay about the Demarco Murray signing. Yes, he’s a great back, but injury prone and coming off 392 carries. I will reserve my enthusiasm until he makes it through the season

  2. and no Josh Innes!

    He is a brilliant radio personality and we are fortunate to have him in Philly.

  3. I thought the animosity toward Wheeler was felt by the vocal majority. I personally miss him out of nostalgia. I don’t care about the substance of what any of the broadcasters say. But Wheels was Kalas’s booth mate and there’s something to be said for that. Davis and Stairs are unbearable. When I turn on the tv I want to hear Wheeler bc he became the familIar voice of the Phils after HK.

    1. You are right about Wheeler and the vocal majority, but I still don’t miss him.

  4. “The silent majority longs for the summer days when the Phillies were in the hunt, and we do not trust Ruben Amaro to fix this.”

    Oh my God This. I thought about writing a post about how the Phillies promo for this year, “I wish every day could be as fun as a Phillies game” makes me majorly sad.

  5. The silent majority knew the Eagles had no chance to get Marcus Mariota and were tired of hearing about it. And for that matter, the silent majority doesn’t care about the Eagles until at least training camp, and maybe even not until the games actually count.

  6. This is the most spot on thing I’ve read about Philly fans, ever. Well done. I’d like to add to the list

    -the Talking heads in Philadelphia perpetuate and encourage the boobs who call into their shows to act like the clowns the national media rails against

    -the Phillies fell ass backwards into the World Series championship and will not be a “winning” franchise until the current ownership/upper management is dissolved or consolidated under one majority owner

    -who gives a flying f if the person talking sports is a “philly guy”. News flash, most of them aren’t….

    1. You have to explain your Phillies falling into the World Series comment.

      1. They got lightning in a bottle 1 year with a team they put together. Every year after that they chased a title by signing/trading for aging veterans and refused to put the necessary resources into their minor leagues and development of players in their system. Now they are bone dry in terms of being able to replace those players they signed with long term, big money contracts. If they would have decided to spend money on signing/developing amateurs, they would not be in the dire straits they are in right now. They last time they were even a little bit relevant was ’93 and, again caught lightning in a bottle. The only reason the “run” lasted 5 years (’07-12) is because the core players were DRAFTED by the Phillies. So, my point was until they change the way they do things with how the draft and develop players, the only time they will be good is when they catch lightning in a bottle. They will not have sustained success like teams such as the cardinals until their philosophy at the owner/upper management level

        1. Baron, I disagree with your point that the 2007-12 Phillies got lightening in a bottle. Not sure you know what that expression means.

          They made the playoffs in 2007 , won the series in 2008, Lost the World Series to the Yankees 4-2 in 2009. (Brad Lidge blew the save in game 4, and we trotted out Pedro for 2 starts)
          2010 Lost to the SF Giants in the NLCS 4 games to 2, who went on to win the WS,
          2011 made the playoffs but lost to the Cardinals who won the WS
          2012 finished 81-81. This was the end, my friend, it hurts to set you free.

          ’93 was catching lightening in a bottle. One fun run and done.

          Not defending ownership, but they are not the problem. They have spent money.
          Do the Phillies need to draft better, and develop players better, of course.

  7. This is possibly the best and most truthful article ever written on CB. Fire Jim and Hire this guy

  8. You know this is a really good list when you agree with essentially all of it and find it hard to think of anything to add…well done.

    I would add that the silent majority:

    -Hated JD Drew for the way he refused to sign when drafted

    -Thought McNabb was a good player who was never really given the receivers to be even better (but don’t like him as much anymore the way he runs his mouth)

    -Acknowledge that it was actually Ed Wade and his staff who drafted and developed the core of players that brought home a World Series in 2008, and that the teams from 2009-2011 were actually better talent-wise than that 2008 team

    -Loved the way DeSean and LeSean performed on the field but loathed the way they acted off it

    -Wish the Flyers would entirely move on from trying to recreate a variation of the Broad Street Bullies or chasing whatever the latest fad in the NHL is to build a team

    -Would rather listen to LA and Franzke call the game than Tom McCarthy blabbering on (maybe not so silent on this one, but wish it was louder)

    1. All good additions.
      I’ll give Ed Wade credit for not trading away Utley, Howard, or Hamels. But Gillick gets a lot of credit for bringing in Jayson Werth, Pedro Feliz, and selling on Bobby Abreu, Corey Lidle and David Bell in ’06.
      Ed Wade had years of bad moves we will let someone else document on the crosswalk. One could argue that Wade brought his curse back with him 2 years ago. And the Astros are now competitive! Instead of the Ewing theory will call it the edwade theory. I’m giving away blog topics left and right here.

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