The Sixers’ 2014 draft and stash, Dario Saric, is currently playing in the Turkish basketball finals with his team Anadolu Efes. He doesn’t have a buyout in his contract until after next year, but the Sixers are reportedly in talks with Efes to try to work out a buyout and bring him over sooner.

According to basketball reporter David Pick, the Sixers have expressed interest in buying Saric out of his Efes contract. That’s exciting for any number of reasons, but still unlikely. As Derek Bodner points out, the amount of money they Sixers can spend and how well Saric does for Efes are the main stumbling blocks. It’s unlikely, but adding three top ten picks next year in Saric, Embiid, and Russell(?) would be one hell of a way to live up to the “This Starts Now” phrase.