The Sixers Will Unveil their New Uniforms in a Few Hours, Will they Look Like This?


As more and more information about the Sixers’ new uniforms trickles out, Conrad Burry has been updating his renderings to show what the finished product could look like. We’re only three hours or so until they’re officially unveiled, but is that what they’ll look like? Road and alternate below:


Burry says a source who has seen the new unis told him the red alt has no stars down the side, the ball logo is on the shorts, and the stars logo is on the waistband of all the shorts. They’re pretty much in line with all of the teases we’ve seen, though the images on the Sixers’ official site seem to show a blank waistband. That could all just be to avoid giving anything away, though, since they also show no trim at all, and that’s unlikely.

We’ll know more later, and have a full report here once they’re unveiled. Regardless, it will be almost impossible for them to be worse than the Clippers’ new uniforms.


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    1. New guy they found from the deep jungles of Congo – M’Buni M’Binai Abcdefg

    2. Best nba uniforms of all time

      1 atlanta hawks (Dominique era)
      2 seattle supersonics 80’s early 90’s
      3 original Dallas mavericks jerseys (green ones)
      4 Phoenix suns 80’s era
      5 washington bullets original ones
      6 golden state warriors
      7 Orlando Magic
      8 New jersey nets old ones
      9 San Antonio spurs
      10 90’s ~2000 Milwaukee Bucks. Purple and green ones

  1. Does Jim do anything else besides write these god awful Sixers blurbs?

  2. They can’t top the abomination that LA Clippers have done to their design.

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