This Eagles Fan Is Going Viral

God I hate myself for writing that headline. Gotta get that SEO.  But love this… guy?

via Busted Coverage, who noted this person was a contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance”


13 Responses

  1. So he’s obviously a pitcher and catcher, but can he play right field?


  2. America is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.Men wanting to be women and women wanting to be men is a disgrace to the human family.Send those fruit loop troops to Saudi Arabia,where they know how to deal with those types without having to worry about backlash from the general public.

  3. Holy shit Kyle, you’ve been a whore lately with all the new ads n now putting this up? You probably got a hard on when you saw that Eagles hat n imagined how many page-views you’d get.

  4. Great news for people watching their calorie intake. Burger King just added Piece of Burger to their dollar menu

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