Three Former Philly Players Who You’re Mad Have a Championship or a Chance at One

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


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1. Patrick Chung– The guy couldn’t stop a fast middle schooler from getting into the end zone in an Eagles jersey but then he jumps on the first bus out of Philly and rides it all the way to the Super Bowl. (I tried so hard to put a deflate joke in here but couldn’t find the right one.)

2. Matt Carle/Braydon Coburn– Now, don’t get me wrong, these two are suitable defensemen who did a fine job for the defenseless Flyers and were part of a wonderful ride in 2010 BUT I always found myself yelling at one of them at least once a period. Maybe I’m harsh but I hope it is healthy scratch Timonen who gets this cup and not the traffic cone twins.

3. Andrew Bynum– I was trying to focus on guys who won after their time in Philly but I couldn’t leave this bum out. His season in Philly was the definition of a lazy person’s life goals: sit down, be non active, have crazy hair and make almost $17 million. He was the reason we lost the best player since A.I. in Iguodala. He was the reason we lost two promising players in Vucevic and Harkless. He was the definition of a Philadelphia sports let down. But he has two championships rings and that is a crime.

I wanted to find at least one for each major team but couldn’t think of any for the Phillies. I’ve generally liked every Phillie who has come through and since it has pretty much been the same team since 2007, thanks Ruben, my choices were limited.

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