Video: Ken Giles Got Destroyed By His Coaches Last Night

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_01-29-04_AM

Ken Giles was a big baby last night.

He had a weird eighth inning during which he got an error for an overthrow at first, dismissed the ensuing mound visit from the trainer and pitching coach Bob McClure, positively freaked out about being instructed to intentionally walk Pedro Alvarez, and then completely ignored McClure during a second (first official) mound visit. After getting out of the inning unscathed, he walked back to the dugout like an angry gremlin and promptly took his seat at the faaaarrr end of the bench. That’s when Ryne Sandberg, McClure, and Larry Bowa ran a chewing out train on the young pitcher. Sandberg and McClure were so enraged that, incredibly, it was Bowa who mostly kept his cool, in a role that vacillated between peacekeeper and pissed off sidekick who wanted no part of the fight but still needed to get in a couple of jabs to keep up appearances. “HOLD ME BACK, RYNO. HOLD ME BACK!”

Giles, inexplicably, talked back to his incensed pitching coach:

Good times.

The Phillies lost 1-0 in 13 innings. Can’t imagine why with a lineup like this:

And thank you, Bill Henley, for your valuable fucking contribution to this conversation:

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41 Responses

    1. No these are the type of things that turn a season around. I’m dead serious. I’m drunk. Go Phils. #Giverevereextension #rubenandryno #papelbonalltimephillie

    1. Oh man, Busey. I was going to say Brad Lidge, but definitely see some Busey flavored Busey-crazy in him.

      *wall explodes, Gary Busey appears* “WHOOOOOA, MAN. Say thy name three times and I shall appear! Do you have any dandan noodles? I’m starving.

  1. Fuck the chicken shit management of this team. He was right to be pissed, he should be going after Alvarez in that spot. Nice to see some passion and a player standing his ground.

    1. Totally agree, this team is a flat out disgrace. Nice to see someone pissed off about something cause no one else on this pathetic team seems to give a shit about being the laughing stock of the entire league.

    2. I’m with you on this because the Phillies are awful right now, but for fucks and ducks let’s say they were in some sort of contention, would you have had Giles pitch to him? I’m not trying to be a smart ass, just curious about your answer. Just asking because Pedro Alvarez has a pretty good eye for fastballs, and Giles has lost a few mph. Again, this is all hypothetical because the Phillies aren’t going anywhere.

      1. As said elsewhere, fils lead MLB in IBB, symptomatic of Sandbergs tendency to overmanage. Saw elsewhere that Alvarez is 5th in strikeouts, meaning that he should’ve been pitched to. I was willing to let Sandberg ride out the year before his well-deserved firing, but shit like this suggests he’s lost control of the clubhouse and is a detriment to the young players development. Fire him and let Bowa finish out the year, then he can go to the booth and the new GM can bring in his own guy.

    3. totally agree. fuck these coaches. they suck. no one had any interest in any of them. specially that loser bowa. no one in baseball wanted him…like ruben. i would have liked to see asche stand up to them and refuse to be moved from 3rd base. that woulda shown some balls on his part.

      1. You mean that Larry Bowa? The same guy who brought a 65 win team managed by a soon to be two-time WS Champion in Francona and immediately got the team back to contention winning over 80 games every year? That loser? I love these clueless dopes who spout off against mean old Larry and have nothing to back it up with. Funny how Cholly won the exact same amount with the same players Larry had. What finally changed? The team brought in a GM who instead of losing games for his team with mid-season trades (see any reliever/weak bench player Wade picked up from 2001-2005) actually brought in the players to get the team over the hump (see Blanton, Moyer, Lohse, etc).

  2. So Giles didn’t want to hear what his pitching coach had to say. The same guy who has a record of 553-785 since 2006. I wouldn’t want to hear what he had to say either. Fire em all. Rube, Sandberg, McClure. They all suck. If they want to start this youth movement they need to find some coaches who aren’t hardasses who can work with young talent and not stunt their growth.

  3. God this team’s a fucking disaster…I’ve been to one game all year, I might not go to another. There’s no spirit or fight in this team at all. Only 2 months till Eagles preseason!!

  4. Whoever wrote out the lineup card started to write Hernandez, couldn’t figure it out, so he just dotted the N a couple of times and called it a day. Props for nice penmanship, though.

  5. I wish Giles suckered punched Sandberg and knock the bore out of him … Ryno is the worst and boring as f*ck..

    1. Looking forward to training camp is laughable, it’ll be slightly better than the Phillies. High hopes for Sammy Bradford and the boys. Bradford speculation will be drowning us all summer then he will make his first appearance the 3rd preseason game. He will then sit the 4th game out and sputter thru the first quarter of the season. Then everyone will realize what a disaster it was and by that time it’ll be too late. I can’t wait for all the excuses and spin we’ll get to hear.

  6. Some of his Mainline friends are paying for his VIP tent access. But he still down with the brothers while he is living in his White Bread World.

  7. I wish Giles would have knocked out boring ass scanberg & that wanna be tough guy pitching coach

  8. Sandberg is a fucking moron. This is the worst team in baseball and they lead the league on IBB. Why the fuck are you intentionally walking people? The team sucks and you’re not making the playoffs. You let Giles go after him. Who gives a shit if he knocks in a run? And who the hell walks a guy on purpose batting .237? Sandberg is a dope.

  9. Not only does he make $1000 a week for his two hour shift he gets to clean out P O N Z I O S and take home as much food as he wants for free. This guy is amazing. Free fur coat, free suits, free luxury automobile, free headphones, free vacations.

  10. Where’s that great leader utley? What a joke. Those guys were fine on a winning team but since they started losing, they’re nowhere to be found. That includes the fraud Rollins and Howard. True leaders are there through good and bad.

    1. Hey did you know that the Phillies were a franchise before 2007? Did you know that now is not the only time they sucked? Did you know that rollins was a rookie in 2001? Did you know that rollins was on some pretty average/below average teams from 2001-2006? Are you even aware that rollins doesnt play for the Phillies anymore?

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